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5 Standee Banner Mistakes

5 Standee Banner Mistakes to Avoid

Are you thinking of using standees for advertising your business? A standee banner is an effective tool to promote your brand, products and services. These banners are widely used at exhibitions, trade fairs, business conferences, retail stores and offices.

Marketers use standee banners for a number of reasons, including their unmatched ease-of-use, convenience, and portability. Along with that, a standee banner is a highly cost-effective marketing tool as well.

To make the most of this promotional tool, it’s important to put some thought into it. That is why we have come with a list of common standee banner mistakes that businesses should avoid making at all costs. So, let’s begin.

1. Messy and Cluttered Design

The purpose of using standees for advertising is to make sure that your banner can convey your company’s message clearly and instantly. Do not go overboard when designing your banner as it can fail to create the desired impact on your customers’ minds. Instead, stick to a simple and striking design can grab your customers’ attention.

When designing a standee banner, think ‘less is more’ and resist the urge to fit in as much information on it as possible. It should be easy for passers-by to absorb what is on the banner.

2. Placing Important Information at the Bottom

Another important thing you should keep in mind when designing a standee banner is that the most important or key branding message should not be at the bottom of the banner. This includes things like your company’s contact information, product information, etc. These key selling points should be placed at the eye level so that your audience can quickly read through them.

3. Using Unprofessional or Low Quality Images

Poor quality images will ruin your banner, make it unrecognizable and portray a negative image of your company. So, make sure that you check the image resolution before finalizing the design and approving it for printing.

4. Forgetting to Proofread the Content

Not only should your standee be free from any false information, the content should also not contain and spelling or grammatical errors. This will again leave a bad impression on the audience and they will question your brand’s credibility. The negative impact can have serious consequences on your business.

5. Last-Minute Ordering

Though it’s possible for companies to get standee banners printed at the last minute, this should not be the case under normal circumstances. A banner created in a hurry will be prone to design and content errors. You also need to keep the banner installation time in mind so that you don’t face any delays or frustration.

To Sum Up

A standee banner is a great marketing and advertising tool that is budget-friendly, easy to carry, and can bring in a lot of attention for your brand.

To create an impactful design for your standee banner and gain higher traction, make sure to avoid these common mistakes!

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