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What Is The Best Signage For Advertising in Sydney?

Signage for advertising in Sydney is an integral part of marketing for many businesses. With the variety of signage options available, it can be hard to make a choice. The best kinds of signage are not only impressively designed but also represent your business in a manner that keeps your audience interested.

Signage can be used outdoors – outside shops, in the streets, at outdoor exhibitions and trade shows, etc. It can also be used indoors – inside shops and business or at indoor trade shows. While some signs are more appropriate and effective indoors, there are some that are better off being used outdoor.

If you’re looking for the best type of signage for advertising in Sydney, according to your business objective and the marketing environment, here are some appropriate options.

A-Frame Signs

A-Frame signs are shaped like the letter A, hence the name. They are a great way for effective outdoor advertising on sidewalks or the roadside. They are usually found outside restaurants displaying the daily special items or any other promotional offers.

A-frame signs are a classic advertising method and are very economical prominently noticeable. These frames are also highly customizable and can help your business uniquely market themselves.

As part of outdoor signage for advertising, they serve well. However, some of, these signs aren’t tall enough to be at the customers’ eye level to grasp their attention immediately.

Back-lit Displays

LED back-lit displays offer your business the oh-so crucial marketing push that your company requires. LED signs are visibly eye-catching and prominent and don’t fade in the dark. They instantly grab the audience’s attention with their striking visuals.

LED back-lit displays can be extremely costly but the payback is definitely worth it. These signs also run adverts all day long, offering your potential customers and prospects with something brilliant to look at.

Despite how great they are as signage for advertising in Sydney, the location of these signs highly matters. If you don’t find a very good location to place them, your sign will go to waste.


Banners have been used as a marketing tool since forever. These are the perfect option for both indoor and outdoor marketing. Banners are highly economical and serve their purpose of building your brand effectively. Not only are they perfect for all occasions but they also have massive reach. Banners are highly customizable as you can use any fonts, colors or graphics to promote your purpose.

A major issue the businesses face with banners is that they are a hassle to pin-up and pull down. Designing a banner from scratch can also be a time consuming performance. Additionally, they aren’t always meant for long-term use so you will have to create another one after a while.


Have you ever thought about the best signage for advertising in Sydney? Good signage can be one of the most effective and appropriate ways of communicating with their audience. Choosing the best signage is not easy as it depends on the purpose of your message, your business, and the environment the sign will be placed in.

Luckily, with the help of these tips, you will be able to get the best signage that gives you all the benefits you want and more.

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