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Pop Up Display Mistakes to Avoid

Most people don’t know about pop up display mistakes which can ruin the effectiveness of these signs. There are certain things that you need to pay attention to in order to get an effective display that matches your brand.

Additionally, most people tend to focus on all the wrong things. This is why their pop up display might have mistakes but they won’t be able to see them. Luckily, the following are some of the major pop up display mistakes that you need to know about and do your best to avoid:

Mistakes in Spelling

Spelling mistakes look extremely unprofessional which is why you need to proofread and double-check everything. In fact, most people overlooking this factor which can ruin their credibility.

A typo in a pamphlet is completely different from a typo on a pop up display. Since these are visual advertising tools, it is going to immediately impact the readers. Poor spelling mistakes will give the business a shoddy appearance.

Improper or Missing Details

Not adding the right details is also another mistake that a number of people tend to make with their popup displays. The only way that your displays are going to get you any leads is if you have the appropriate details on them. You need to make sure that details like phone numbers, website addresses, email address etc are clearly and properly printed.

Missing details is a huge issue and will ruin the usability of your pop up display. Whether you use it in tradeshows or at a mall, a pop up display with incorrect or missing details won’t be as effective as you want it to be.

Poor Composition

The composition is important whether you’re designing a poster or a pop up display. However, when it comes to pop up displays, you have to pay extra attention as you have more room. Consider the size and shape of the display as well as the kind of images and text you will have on them.

Then, test out various layouts to see which one works best. One that is done, you can get it printed for your pop up display. Remember that layouts can change and the best one for your display stand can be different from what you see on other stands.

Low Resolution Graphics

For graphics, make sure that you’re using the highest quality possible. One of the biggest pop up display mistakes is to use a low-resolution graphic. When printed in a large area, these graphics are more likely to experience pixelation or distortion.

To ensure that your pop up display looks spectacular, having high-resolution graphics is important. This is a little thing that can have a large pay off for you and the results you get.

Not Accounting for Panel Joins

Suppose you picked out the perfect layout and then got everything but, when it’s time for assembly, the panel joins eat up graphics, text or just ruin the look. These panel joins should always be accounted for when you’re getting your pop up displays made.

Overlooking them can ruin the effectiveness of your pop up display and mean that you have to get your stand redesigned at a later stage.

By paying attention to these, you can avoid some of the biggest pop up display mistakes easily!

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