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Everything You Need to Know about Advertising Table Throws

Everything you need to know about table cloths


Table throws are a popular promotional tool. They leave a lasting impression on the visitors at your exhibition stand. You can use them for branding in several ways, from trade shows to corporate networking events.
Purchasing table cloth seems to need little research, but there is a large variety to choose from. For most people, this can often become confusing. Luckily, you can buy the right one for your marketing needs with some basic knowledge.
Read through this post to learn everything you need to know about trade show table cloths.

Why Do You Need Advertising Table Throws?

Advertising table throws are loose, hanging table covers. They cover the top of the table and drape down on the sides of the table. They transform a dull table into a powerful advertising tool. Table throws have ample advertising space. You can use this space for branding and attractive displays to increase brand awareness. The leading print mostly appears on the front of the table runner, facing the audience.
Trade show table cloths are also great for attracting more footfall to your exhibition stand. Most businesses use them to add extra colour to the table or uniquely display their logos or attractive designs.

Types of Table Throws

There are many different varieties of table throws available in the market. They have other prints, sizes, and styles to meet a wide range of customer needs. Following are some common types of table throws that you can use for an eye-catching display:

Standard Table Throws

The most common table cover is the standard table throw. It comes in two sizes; six-foot or eight-foot table throws. They cover all four sides of the table, allowing you to hide any supplies under the table.

Fitted Table Throws

Fitted table throws are the type of table covers that fit the edges of your table and hang loosely from there. They are like a combination of throw and stretch covers. These table throws maximise the visible surface area of the table for attractive designs.

Stretch Table Throws

Stretch table throws are close-fitting covers that stretch over the top and down the sides of the table. They fittingly drape over the table without any loose material. These are most suitable for outdoor venues where it can be windy.

Throw Table Covers

Throws are loose table covers that cover the entire table and drape down the sides. They are convenient and look beautiful as they hang down loosely off your table. You can use them for advertising and giving your display a rich appearance.
It is essential to understand that not every event you display will be the same. You cannot always use the promotional materials you would like to use. Outdoor events can be especially difficult for table displays when it’s windy outside. Trade show table cloths are usually suitable for a wide range of possibilities. Depending on your business needs, you can choose any table throws for your exhibition stand.