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5 Tips on Designing a Custom Pop up Display

When it comes to designing a custom pop up display, you need to pay attention to various things. Since it is a custom one, it means that you will get one that is designed specifically to accommodate your wants and needs. By being this fastidious, you can ensure that your pop up display delivers tangible results.

Additionally, you will have to make sure that you’re paying attention to various factors when incorporating your custom design. The following are some things you should pay attention to when you’re getting a custom pop up display for your business:

1. The Logo Should be On the Top

Always make sure that your logo is placed at the very top of the pop up display. That’s because in some cases, this display is the first thing that people can spot from a distance. With your logo and brand name firmly on the top, they can identify that it’s your brand and make their way to your stand.

By placing your logo and brand name at eye level, it is possible to direct attention towards your business with ease. In this manner, you can make sure that your display is noticeable to everyone.

2. The Composition Matters

Make sure that you spend as much time as possible working out the proper composition of the stand. To make things easier, try to work on it by thinking of the reading rule. People generally read text from top to bottom and from left to right. You have to make sure that not just you but your consumers are reading it properly.

Even if you’re adding images, follow the reading rule. Given the natural eye movement it adds, the display will be easier to read and comprehend for everyone.

3. Be More than Your Products

Use your pop up display signs as a means of getting attention not just to the products but for your brand as well. Brand awareness among consumers is important and you want your consumers to know more about your company. That’s why make full use of your pop up displays by ensuring that you have the right details available for everyone to see.

Add a call to action that is short, effective and extremely useful for helping consumers learn more about your brand.

4. Use Your Colours Wisely

When you’re picking the colours for your custom pop up display, make sure that they are in line with your brand and are also pleasing to the eye. Bright colours are great for getting attention but if used improperly, they can turn into eyesores.

Similarly, too many contrasting colours can make your displays appear confusing and people aren’t going to be attracted to your brand. Have a proper colour scheme that you can use.

5.     Make Sure There is Consistency

You want to make sure that your custom pop up display is one that ties in with the rest of your stand and displays. This ensures that it fits in with the overall look and doesn’t stand out. This can make the entire display look like enough thought wasn’t put into it.

You can garner better results with a custom pop up display.  Keep these tips in mind and reap the full benefit of custom pop up displays.