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Your Exhibition Stand Designs

Free design proposals, with your branding, images and colours

The very first thing to say is that your design visuals are free of charge and no obligation!

Despite being free, the designs we create for you, are probably the most carefully though and prepared you'll find from any exhibition company.

We use your branding, your images and your themes and colours to create an authentic and stunning set of personalised visuals that show you exactly how your stand will look.

The purpose of free design proposals

Of course, we want to work with you, on your next project. And to do that, we need to show you a compelling design proposal that captures your imagination, and with sensible costs that meet your budget.

But at this stage, please consider our design visuals as 'ideas' that can be discussed, 'tweaked' and amended, until we arrive at your perfect result. We will work with you until this has been achieved.

Accuracy and quality of your design proposal

We work with AutoCAD to lay out and create the 3D structure of your exhibition stand.

AutoCAD allows us pin-point accuracy to determine exact sizing; so that we can be certain that all elements fit within your stand space.

At the colour rendering stage we use Autodesk 3ds Max, to introduce your images and branding, to complete the design proposal. The result is a stunning set of visuals that accurately reflect the final result.

Tell us about your future shows as well...

Our solution creates custom-designed stands that are also flexible, modular and scalable.

This empowers us to work together to create multiple designs that will reconfigure to fit your future exhibition stands.

And because these multiple designs will be formed from one set of materials, your costs will be significantly reduced over your exhibiting programme.

Fully costed design proposals

The accuracy of our 3D designs allows us to provide detailed pricing, with options for purchase, hire, self-build or fully managed installations.

Having recently completed a design for one of our clients, the client said: "...Thank you so much for your ideas and email you sent over. This image gives me a better idea of my both. I love your style. I have to say you are the first company to approach me to do it this way and I think it is a good way to tackle companies and give them an insight on what you can offer. It was personal, innovative, and really got me hooked - so thought I would share this with you as feedback is always wanted and it is important, so please do pass my thanks on to your team, the designers and so on!

"Really loved your ideas that you put forward as it is very on brand, it is contemporary and you've done well with the floor space to make it seem 'roomy'".

About our designers...

My name is Mady, I'm a senior stand designer at Vivid Ads, and I've been with the company for five years.

Like most of my five colleagues in the design team, I studied Industrial Design at University.

Whatever our backgrounds, the most important thing I can tell you about us, is that we love working in exhibition stand design industry!

It's a privilege to work with so many different size clients, from so many different industries, working with them to make their exhibiting plans come to life!

Thank you.