Giant Cardboard Muskoka Chair

"Can you make us two giant cardboard muskoka chairs?" Absolutely

About This Project

As part of the Humber College student services wing IGNITE’s launch last semester we made giant cardboard muskoka chairs that would fit three people at once. This project shows how it is possible to create anything out of cardboard.  This is a great tool for Exponential Marketing because it translates in unique actual experiences.

Using cardboard we designed and built two cardboard chairs, each 7 feet tall by 5 feet wide, that were able to support over 500+ lbs of weight.  Additionally, to allow them to move the chairs around the site, they can assemble and dis-assemble the chairs and carry them the parts between two people.  The whole structure is provided by cardboard!

The IGNITE team was very happy with them, and reported that hundreds of students used them all over campus! It is always great to see such a specific vision be realized in cardboard.

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