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Media Backdrop Banners

Media walls and Backdrop display walls are indispensable parts of large scale media events. As a company, when you are organizing a press meeting or a red carpet show, you just cannot do without the media wall backdrops. Veteran companies will tell you that a well-designed wall backdrop is the fastest way to gain exposure for your company’s image at big events and shows. Our Media backdrop banners can help you do just that.

  • Media Backdrop Banners / Walls

    Market Price: AUD1,186.68

    Our Price: AUD899.00

    Model Number:VP-XO-65
    Size: 1.5m W x 2.3m H
  • Media Step And Repeat Walls

    Market Price: AUD1,384.68

    Our Price: AUD1,049.00

    Model Number:VP-XO-66
    Size: 2.0m W x 2.3m H
  • Step Repeat Media Wall (3M)

    Market Price: AUD1,516.68

    Our Price: AUD1,149.00

    Model Number:VP-XO-67
    Size: 2.8m W x 2.3m H
  • Red Carpet Event Backdrops

    Market Price: AUD1,648.68

    Our Price: AUD1,249.00

    Model Number:VDK6-4HG
    Size: 2.25m W x 2.25m H
  • Media Event Backdrops

    Market Price: AUD1,749.00

    Our Price: AUD1,325.00

    Model Number:VDK6-5HG
    Size: 2.99m W x 2.25m H
  • Media Backdrops

    Market Price: AUD3,694.68

    Our Price: AUD2,799.00

    Model Number:VP-XO-68
    Size: 3.8m W x 2.3m H
  • Pop Up Light Box Display Stand

    Market Price: AUD5,278.68

    Our Price: AUD3,999.00

    Model Number:VDLB-25HG
    Size: 2.3m W x 2.3m H
  • Pop Up Backlit Light Box Display

    Market Price: AUD5,872.68

    Our Price: AUD4,449.00

    Model Number:VDLB-35HG
    Size: 3m W x 2.3m H
  • Media Backdrop Banners

    Market Price: AUD6,097.08

    Our Price: AUD4,619.00

    Model Number:VP-XO-69
    Size: 6.0m W x 2.3m H

Media Walls Backdrops Banners - Step & Repeat Wall Backdrop, Red Carpet Media Wall

We specialize in providing high quality media backdrop banners, media walls, press banners and special event banners. Our media wall backdrop banners are perfect displays for backdrops at fashion events, press conferences, and special media events. Special event professionals and sports teams prefer our media backdrops and use them for press, TV and photo shoots as a way to display brands and sports team logos. Our fabric tension mural display walls / media backdrop banners / graphic back walls / media backdrops are lightweight and easy to transport, while still being extremely heavy-duty. Try our media walls /red carpet banner backdrop / media backdrop banner walls! Also known as red carpet backdrop / red carpet picture backdrop / red carpet photo background / step & repeat backdrops / custom runway backdrops.