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Teardrop Banner Flags

Searching for premium-quality teardrop flags? Look no further!  At Vivid Ads, we offer eye-catching and highly-durable teardrop flags. You can get them in different sizes. Customise the flags with your logo and advertise your business creatively. You can use these at any event, indoors and outdoors. Want a customised teardrop flag? Send us your files and we’ll get the process started. Order today and get your teardrop flags at your earliest. 
  • Weather and water-resistant
  • Various product options to choose from
  • Best rates all over Australia
  • Delivery in just 5 days
  • What materials do teardrop flags come in?

    We print our teardrop flags on high-quality 110gsm classic flag canvas. They have a slightly glossy look.  

  • How durable are teardrop flags?

    The teardrop flags easily last 3-4 months if used intensively. If you want to extend the life of these flags, bring them inside during extreme weather conditions.   

  • How durable are teardrop flags?

    If you want to improve the life span of your teardrop flags, then bring them inside when the gale force reaches 7 or above.   

  • What are the different pedestals and accessories offered by Vivid Ads and how do they work?

    Here is a list of the pedestals and accessories Vivid Ads offer: Metal Ground Spike: If you want to place your feather flag on soft ground, such as soil, then Metal Ground Spike is a great option. It is perfect for small beach flags. However, if you want to place larger beach flags, then choosing a rotator and parasol base is the best choice.  Cross Foot: Cross Foot works best for flat surfaces. It is a metal frame with 4 legs which makes it steady and durable. The size of the cross foot is 85x85 cm while the height is 20cm.  Cross Foot + Water Bag: If you want extra steadiness on a flat surface, then opt for our Cross Foot with Water Bag. The size of the cross foot is 85x85 cm while the height is 20cm. Wall Mount: You can also mount your feather flag on a wall using Wall Mount. The Wall Mount can be fixed to the wall with screws. Your flagpole will be held at zero degrees. The process of installing and removing the wall-mounted flag pole is just a matter of seconds.  Heavy Metal Base: If you are looking for something durable and ideal for indoor and outdoor use, then opt for our Heavy Metal Base. It has a flat square-shaped bottom that works perfectly for indoor and outdoor settings. It is also ideal for areas with strong winds as the iron base adds extra weight that keeps the flag in place. The base measures 400x400mm and weighs around 5 kg.

  • How are the teardrop beach flags finished?

    Our teardrop flags are finished with a tunnel on the left side. You will also find an extra solid part on the top of the funnel. This prevents the flag from being damaged by the flagpole.

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Teardrop Banner Flags

Size chart in Millimeters

Specs Small Medium Large
Assembled Dimensions 600x2100mm 1040x3000mm 1170x4200mm
Pole Weight 1.30kg 1.60kg 2.0kg
Packaged Dimensions 90x150x1530mm 90x150x1530mm 90x150x1530mm
Cross Feet Base 750x850mm; 4.5kg 750x850mm; 4.5kg 750x850mm; 4.5kg
Metal Plate Base 400x400mm; 5.0kg 400x400mm; 5.0kg 400x400mm; 5.0kg
Turf Spike Base 50x500mm; 1.0kg 50x500mm; 1.0kg 50x500mm; 1.0kg
Wall Mount Unit 100x100mm; 1.0kg 100x100mm; 1.0kg 100x100mm; 1.0kg

In order to design the perfect artwork, we have created some easy templates. You will find the most popular artwork templates below. Click on the link at the bottom to see all templates.

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