4 Ways to Use Foam Board Signs

Benefits of board signs

Foam board signs are strong and sturdy but also lightweight. These signs are easy to carry from one place to another, which makes them versatile since they can be used for various reasons. Whether you want a free standing sign or want something mounted on the wall, foam boards should be your go-to option.
Perhaps the best part about foam board signs is that they don’t go to waste after you’re done using them— you can simply use the material to make something else. Here are a few ways to use foam board signs for different projects and marketing techniques.

Conferences and Fairs

If you are participating in a work conference or fair, you can use foam boards. These signs can be moved around so you will not spend too much time carrying or lugging them around. These signs can also be eye catching, depending on what font and design you choose. If your design stands out, you will be noticed at different conferences and fairs.
A good idea is to print a big version of your logo on a foam board sign. This way, people at the conference will come across it and might take pictures with it or post about it.

Price Lists and Charts

If you want to make price lists and charts, opt for hanging foam board signs.  Hanging price lists will enhance customer experience and will save you time that you would have otherwise spent answering your customers.
You can also display your product features and options on a custom foam board sign in a concise manner. A hanging price list will also look trendy and aesthetically pleasing.

Presentations and Lectures

Using custom foam boards in the office is pretty common since these signs are so handy and user-friendly. When presenting at work, use foam board signs to make sure to get your point across to your co-workers. Besides using the projector, use these signs to display visuals that can be easily set up and moved from one place to another. Custom foam board signs are excellent for summarizing the main points and your boss will appreciate the extra effort.

 Decoration and Set Design

PVC foam board signs can be used to decorate various events.The good thing about foam board signs is that they come in several different sizes so they are very versatile. Custom foam board signs can be used as murals.
A good idea is to print colorful designs on your foam board, which will make it more eye catching during a huge event. You can even cut foam board signs and attach them to different props.
Foam board signs have several uses and the best part is that you can reuse them. You can store them easily since they don’t take too much space or recycle them to make more creative content. Visit ourwebsiteto learn more about custom foam board signs.