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4 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Creating Promotional Signage

Digital representation of a rigid sign

Corporate signage is a critical element in the overall marketing strategy for your business so it’s important to get its design right. If you want to effectively advertise and promote your brand, you’ll not only have to invest in high-quality rigid signs but also put in effort in their design and content. Poor signage design choices will fail to create the impact you desire and may even project a negative image of your business. Yet, you’ll be surprised to know how many mistakes companies make in this area.
Here, we’re going to reveal some of the most common business sign mistakes that must be avoided at all costs. 

1. Putting Out Too Much Information

You never have to announce all of your products or services, features, experience, etc. on your outdoor promotional signage. Your potential customers spend only a few seconds viewing your signs and you need to grasp their attention in that limited amount of time. Overwhelming them with too much information will only confuse them or make them lose interest right at the beginning.

2. Choosing Poorly Contrasting Colours

The colour selection for your signage is extremely important as studies prove that colours can have a significant impact on people’s perception and mood. So, choose a colour palette that speaks of your brand and also has the power to create an impact on your audience.
Not only are colours reflective of your message and what you are as a company, but they can also have a huge impact on the visual appeal of your rigid signs as well. If you choose colours that don’t contrast well, your signs will be difficult to read. That’s why it’s important to choose contrasting colours for background and text so that your outdoor promotional signage can be read easily even from a distance.

3. Wrong Choice of Fonts

Just like bad colours, the font you choose for your signs can also have a remarkable impact on your customer’s perception of your brand. A bad font choice will give the wrong impression of your company. Your goal should be to communicate the right tone and brand message with the help of the type of font you choose. For example, Apple uses a simplistic font style to communicate that their products are simple and easy to use. 

4. Over Crowding the Space

Having blank space on your sign is not wrong. It’s not a waste. In fact, it helps viewers differentiate and understand various bits of information and it grabs their attention. Your audiences will never react well if your sign has large blocks of text or too many visuals because this means they will need to spend some time to search for information.

Your promotional signage acts as your very own salesperson. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can create an effective sign that will surely bring more customers right to your door.