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3 Things to Consider When Designing Your Business Signs

Design business signs

Signs are a great way to increase awareness about your brand – they are not too expensive and don’t require constant monitoring unlike other marketing ideas. It is always best to come up with different business sign ideas before making any major decisions. Here are some factors to consider when you are designing your business signs.


Since the whole point of your business sign is to make people aware of your brand so that they buy your products, branding is one of the most important things to keep in mind when designing your signs. Your sign should communicate everything about your business to a passerby – the name of your brand, what you sell and where you are located.
Your sign should also include small but unique details like what makes you stand out and gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors and why the passerby should bring their business to you. Whenever designing a business sign, always keep the target audience in mind.


Another essential factor to consider when making your business signs is the design. Your design can quite literally make or break your marketing technique. The design does not have to be something super meaningful or intricate; it is actually better to keep things simple. A good option is to go with something minimalist that gets the points across without confusing your audience.
The most important thing is visibility. When you are designing your business sign, include your business name, what you stand for and what you want to sell. If you’re planning to keep this sign outdoors, the design should have a huge font so people can easily read it from afar.
Make sure that the color combination is not too confusing. For example, black and white is a much better option rather than black and dark grey. All of these factors play a huge role in your design and ultimately – your branding.


What most businesses believe is that after they have designed their signs, their job is done. However, that is not the case. If you want your business sign to last for a long time, maintenance is mandatory – especially if your sign is outdoors. An outdoor sign is exposed to extreme weather conditions and can even crack.
After installing your sign, make sure to carry out regular maintenance as that will increase the lifespan of your business sign. If you feel that your sign is worn out, you can always replace it with a new one. This will save you advertising costs in the long run.

It is best to plan before designing your business signs. If you are looking for custom banners and custom business signs, click here.