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Your Exhibition Stands: Making it Stand Out

Exhibitors have always strived to maintain a competitive spirit. That is why the exhibition stand is the focus of this objective. During the past two decades, the criteria used to produce an exhibit stand have really not altered that much. The stand is still used to highlight products, elevate a company’s brand, and create an undeniable presence. However, the way the process is undertaken is different now.


Optimising Audience Participation

Today, an exhibit stand must be configured in order to optimise audience participation. Therefore, a good design is one that engages visitors and employs a variety of content. If you do not make your stand engaging, you run the risk of merely being another lacklustre exhibit that does not meet your sales goals nor enhance your brand’s image.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to what you need to know in order to provide engagement to your customers. That means fashioning your exhibit stand so that it enables participation and guides the visitor in the right direction.


Brand and Product Immersion

In order to facilitate this type of behaviour, you need to make sure that the stand offers individual and hands-on learning. That means providing digital tools to promote brand and product immersion. Therefore, your multimedia solution can feature a number of electronics including a display counter with an iPad or touch-type TV screens. Either of these accessories can be used to connect the customer to your product and brand.


A Closer Look

Frequently, exhibit stand guests need to carefully examine the products that are showcased. Therefore, it helps to give a visitor a chance to touch and feel the items that you are offering for sale. Make it easy for the customer to get a better understanding of what you are offering. Make sure that they can pick up products and examine them in their entirety.


Include Fun Activities and Games

Needless to say, the brand experience is an important component in your interaction with exhibit visitors. One of the ways you can do this is by introducing fun activities or games. That way, not only the stand will be remembered but also your company’s brand.


What to Do If You Are Featuring Food or Drinks

If you are featuring beverages or food at your exhibit stand, you need to make sure that the equipment you use is endorsed as food-grade. In addition, you need to make sure that you have enough room for customers to try out the foods or drinks you are highlighting. That means utilising such accessories as trolleys or transportable sampling trays. Brand ambassadors should offer the foods or drinks so that they can also answer customer inquiries.

A Quiet Place to Meet.png

A Quiet Place to Meet

In some instances, the exhibit serves as a place where deals are made, which means that face-to-face interactions are vitally important. In these instances, it may be preferable to place your stand in a more quiet area of the exhibit facility.

Also, make sure that the flow of guests is in alignment with your needs. For instance, traffic flow is different in a corner location than it is in the centre of an exhibit hall. So, if you want to include brochures or request e-mail addresses, make sure that your collateral or signs are well-situated so you can draw the interest of guests.