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Trade Show Displays:Using the Power of Visual Impact

Powerful images are one of the best ways to get people’s attention and make an impact. Whether it’s moving imagery such as on a video screen or a still graphic, most people are drawn to beautiful displays.

The same is true when companies market their businesses or products. They want their efforts to attract people’s so that they will sell their products. It can be difficult for companies to find the best ways to attract attention in the digital age but static displays such as banners and display stands can be used effectively.

Using Static Displays

Using Static Displays

There are many ways to attract the attention of your target audience such as using social media. However, static displays such as banners and display stands can still create memorable advertising experiences for your audience. It is just a matter of selecting the best display solutions for your products and company.

It is common to see display advertising used in grocery stores with someone standing behind a table giving out product samples. However, if the product demonstrator is dressed in street clothes and there isn’t any advertising on or near the table, then it can be difficult to determine if people are supposed to take a sample of the product or not. If they are unsure, then they may pass by the display without knowing which company is attempting to advertise their products.

On the other hand, if a product demonstrator is dressed in a smart-looking branded uniform and is standing by a table displaying images of the product and offering samples, then the display will attract attention. People will be drawn to it because it’s clear that the company’s intent is to provide samples of the product. This time, it is easy to tell which brand is being advertised and if you like the sample, you may buy it now or in the future because it was memorable.

Sending a Message

Even in the digital age, product displays, banners, and other forms of static marketing can be effective. As seen above, if you choose the right images, create a branded display, and have the demonstrator wear branded clothing, people will be curious about what he or she is doing and approach the area. For food companies, providing samples of food or drinks is a great way to get people to connect with the brand while they are in a grocery store.

Since they are already there to buy food, if the sample they receive tastes good and it’s the type of product that they usually buy, they will be more likely to make a purchase. The same is often done in department stores when demonstrators provide cologne samples or offer makeup demonstrations to get people to buy their products.

As long as you choose the right images for your brand and use the right displays, you can promote your company by sending out messages to attract the attention of your customers. There are many display solutions available for businesses and you just need to choose the right ones for sending out your message.