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Where To Find Trade Show Display ideas for the Next Trade Show

Whenever you have a new product to sell or service to offer, a trade show is where you will meet a large number of prospective leads in a short amount of time. Any exhibits built to showcase your product or service should be manned by experienced and trained staff that can easily answer questions about what it is you’re offering. However, it can be difficult to discover new display ideas when trying to remain unique in an area of advertising with more limitations than others, and you can find inspiration in some surprising places.

Trade Shows

As unsurprising as it is, it is still important to remember that you will see many great display ideas at trade shows, and you do not have to go to a specific trade show to get such an opportunity. Look very closely at the displays of your competitors and take note of the way these displays differ or match your own marketing strategy. You should also do this with non-competitors, which can be a surprisingly deep well of ideas and creativity that could put you above those selling similar products or services.



Billboards, by nature, must be designed to communicate a single message in only a few seconds, often utilising large, bold images and little text to account for the speed at which people drive by the signs. A 3-metre trade show display passed by attendees at roughly 5km/hour is comparable to passing a billboard at 80km/hour, making it critical that you provide a clear, attractive message that can be understood in just one or two seconds. This is a great way to make a simple and effective sign for your display, which can also ultimately reduce costs as you are not paying for an exceptionally complex sign.



While a billboard can inspire inline exhibit ideas, retail stores are the perfect location to discover inspiration about island trade show exhibits. In your free time, or perhaps during working hours with your design team on hand, walk through a large, popular mall and take note of stores with signage specifically designed to attract customers. Once inside, take special care to watch for the way they handle traffic flow, identify departments, product merchandising, and even the choices of colours, surface materials, and staff uniforms to keep you engaged and talking.



Magazines remain popular today despite the popularisation of TV since they utilise attention-grabbing covers designed in much the same way billboards are designed. Look for the ads with the most engaging and simple designs, and then ask yourself what type of imagery is used most often in the ad itself. Find similarities between eye-catching headlines, look for text designed to draw attention, and other marketing techniques that will give the reader more reasons to flip through the pages for more information.



The Internet is quite literally the place to search for information about nearly anything on the planet, a great reason to utilise it for inspiration. You will find thousands of trade show exhibits there that can inspire new designs from your team.

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