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Trade Show Designer Guidance:Five Artwork Setup Problems and Solutions

Are you having some artwork printed? When you send art to be printed, it may not be print-ready. It is a common issue that many individuals struggle with—finding the right way to send artwork. The problem with sending the wrong artwork file is that it makes it harder to print, and you may end up needing to send a new file. To avoid this issue and get it right the first time, you’ll want to make sure that you know what to avoid.

To avoid mistakes, you will want to know the most common mistakes people make and how to avoid them. Here are five common mistakes to avoid with artwork setup, along with how to avoid them. The following are the most common issues:

  • The colours have not been set up for CMYK/process printing
  • The file has not been flattened correctly
  • The dieline is not correctly set up for printing
  • The client is struggling to manage the file because it is too large
  • The text has not been outlined

All of the issues above can be resolved with simple adjustments. It is important to take these points into consideration before forwarding an art file. Here are the reasons why you should correct these common mistakes.



Why Do I Need to Convert Colours to CMYK?

properly prepare a file, it should only contain the four CMYK sections in order to be printed correctly. If there are any sections that are not set to colour spot or are set to RGB colour, it can result in very unpredictable colour results which may not be true to the original artwork.


Why Do I Need to Flatten an Image?

Flattening an image ensures that whatever you see on the screen is exactly what comes out of the printer. Otherwise, there can be a lot of unpredictability. The printing process involves converting the file to a code that the printer you’re using understands for processing and printing. Flattening will take the guesswork out of printing and help you get the results you need.


Why Do I Need a Dieline?

A dieline is used in artwork to allow the piece to be cut or folded in a certain way once it has been printed. This is not always necessary or included, but can be used. If the dieline is set up incorrectly, you’ll end up with unwanted results. Make sure that there is a second layer for the print component when setting up the dieline for printing.

Why Can’t I Send a Large File?

Sometimes your file may not be sending and you won’t know why. Well, one of the most common issues is trying to send files that are too large, so reduce your file and try again. You will likely be able to send the file.

Why Do the Fonts Look Different Than They Do in My File?

Fonts change from computer to computer, so you should outline your fonts to make sure they don’t change. Otherwise, you may not like the font results you end up with.

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