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Trade Show Business Tips:Good Photographer As A Business Investment

When you are preparing for the next exhibition of your services or products, the importance of presenting your brand in the right light is something that you cannot forget. Every single touchpoint of your brand experience should remain consistent, especially in regard to its interaction with potential leads. Brand image is now one of the most important things in this world and this is why you can no longer make do with a DIY photo or image just to save on expenses.

They Know

They Know

As much as you might work to make your “home-spun” images and design appear professional, it is unlikely that your potential guests will not spot the difference. The key is that most DIY projects cannot compare to professional work due to a lack of exceptional, impactful display materials and gorgeous photos and images. A professional photographer will simply have a better camera and more sophisticated equipment and know how best to exemplify your brand.

High-resolution images are required before you can expect your exhibition equipment to truly stand out, especially if you turn around and spend a large amount on display and other equipment. Working with the professionals who specialise in creating exhibition displays can be smooth, quick, and relatively easy if you have great photos and images but you lengthen the process and up the price by providing anything less than professional quality. Although a phone may be able to capture great images in theory, blowing them up to meet a certain size requirement will cause the image quality to suffer.

Banner Quality


When images are used online, they need be only 72 dpi resolution and they are often small enough for most imperfections to go unnoticed. However, this is no longer the truth if you blow that image up to fit a 2.5 metre display banner, especially if you took the photo without expert equipment. A professional photographer will have highly specialised equipment designed to take photographs at the proper resolution to ensure that you can create absolutely anything with them without sacrificing quality.

It is not just his or her technical expertise that you want but, rather, that in combination with his or her creativity. A photographer who has built a career out of this field has done so because he or she has the skill, equipment, and mind to make absolutely anything look beautiful. With proper lighting, staging, and some help from Photoshop editing, it can be shocking just how much these experts can create.



When budgeting for your marketing materials, be sure to allow room to invest in a photographer and imagery needs, especially if you plan to show off your products and other aspects of your brand to potential leads at an exhibition. Although it may appear less cost-effective to do this at first glance, you will quickly realise that this was the right decision once you see the number of leads received during your exhibition increase dramatically. In addition, your ad agency, PR agency, and web agency will be exceptionally grateful to you for the investment into quality images because they can now work without restrictions.

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