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Trade Show Booth Ideas:Simplicity Is Key

Unlike in the past, a modern day trade show floor is teeming with a number of high-level decision makers in search of solutions to their troubles. Often working from a highly specific agenda, it is not likely that attendees will visit a booth outside of their list unless they are brought in by attractive and eye-catching displays. Your graphic message and image play a significant role in this process, and there are several practices that will improve your odds for the next trade show.



You only have three to five seconds to capture the attention of a prospective attendee and bring them to your booth for more information, especially with many other booths also vying for their attention. Therefore, you must make it quite clear and obvious who you are as a company and what it is that you plan to sell or offer them during their time at your booth. If you are part of a large organisation, you should also make sure to spell out your specific division or region to avoid any confusion, and this will increase your chances of getting more leads later on.


Your Goals

What it is that you do is the second most important message you can give an attendee after the name of your company, and you must spell out quickly and clearly that distinction. If your tagline could be utilised by a number of different companies without alteration, it could be that you need to create something more specific that will inform attendees what it is you could do for them. For example, you could make it clear that you specialise in the installation and maintenance of fire systems by being direct and straightforward.


Bullet Points

Once you have their attention, you must hold onto it by providing further information when necessary. This can further define your goals, but be sure that you utilise three to five bullet points and not paragraphs, which are unlikely to be read beyond the first one or two. Your client should be capable of quickly answering the question as to how you fit into their needs both right now and possibly in the future.



There is a reason why pictures are worth 1000 words, and that is because a single, well-designed image can bring in a dramatically high number of potential leads. Use images that help a client place themselves at a more involved level with your product or service. However, it is still important that the image remain simple and readily understood at a glance, and a professional can make that happen for an affordable price.



Your marketing materials should continue to look and feel consistent throughout your booth, which should make interactions between your staff and attendees more positive. A new visitor to your booth will immediately gather more information about your company, and the only way to make this visit more likely to succeed in terms of a viable lead is to make that information readily available. If what they learn is not congruent with what attendees see on your marketing materials, such as a website or business cards, you could lose credibility.

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