Top Five Questions You Should Ask Exhibition Booths Suppliers

When you’re in meetings with exhibition stand designers trying to choose one to address your trade show exhibit needs, you’ll probably come prepared with a list of specific requirements for the stand that you want created for you. Before you discuss exactly what you expect from them, you should also prepare a list of questions to ask them. Here are the top five questions to ask when addressing concerns about trade show stands.

  1. Who Will Construct the Stand?
Who Will Construct the Stand?

Many exhibition suppliers offer end-to-end services including the construction of the stands they’ve designed for their clients’ trade show exhibitions. Even though they offer the service, sometimes they need to outsource some of their work, possibly including some of the stand build and installation for their clients. However, a good company with end-to-end services should be able to take care of everything in house including the installation and take-down of your exhibition stand.

Some of the other services that they should be able to offer if they are a true end-to-end firm are logistics, project management, graphics, electrical power, and storage if it is required. Choosing an end-to-end supplier can help save your company money but you need to verify who will be building the stand and installing it at your trade show appearances. Select a supplier who provides complete upfront quotes because they can help you keep better control of your exhibition stand budget.

  1. What Is Your Experience in Designing and Building Stands Within My Industry?


Every business industry poses challenges specific to its field for exhibition stand designers. Some exhibition suppliers specialise in only one industry while others offer their services across many different fields and specialties. To help you hire the right designer for your exhibition needs, you need to be aware of their experience within the industry so you will be able to enjoy the advantage of their knowledge regarding exhibition stands.

An experienced designer will be able to show you which layouts will function better for the trade shows in which you exhibit because they know how the shows are set up in each venue. Good designers will present their portfolios online, showing the designs that they’ve created for other companies within your industry. However, it is important to note that only selected examples of their work will be online because they will have other projects with images that are not on their web portfolio; however, they may have a more complete physical portfolio that they can bring to meetings.

  1. Who Is My Contact for Design Changes?

Who Is My Contact for Design Changes?Flexibility is important within the exhibition industry because there may be circumstances that prompt you to make design changes to your exhibition stand. The goals for your exhibit at the trade show may have changed, you may see another stand you like better that prompts some adjustments to your design, or another exhibitor may have pulled out of the show. When you hire an end-to-end supplier, it can be easier to make design changes because you only need to interact with one company.

In addition, the supplier will usually have just one person you need to discuss changes with: your dedicated project manager. This person will be involved with your trade show project from its inception to the set up at the trade shows where you are exhibiting. Unless you have the time to manage the build of the stand and plan to install it yourself at your trade shows, you need to hire an end-to-end supplier who can provide you with a dedicated project manager for your needs.

  1. Are You Permitted to Work in the Countries Where My Company Exhibits?

Are You Permitted to Work in the Countries Where My Company Exhibits?

If your business exhibits at international trade shows, then you need to work with a supplier that can provide the logistical support you need to get the exhibit stand to your international destinations. In most cases, shipping the to another country in Europe or elsewhere will need to be outsourced. Getting everything to the destination in one piece and on time could be complicated but a good supplier will have experience with shipping their exhibit stands internationally.

The supplier you hire will have experience in working with shipping networks that are usually involved in getting large shipments to Europe and other countries safely. They will also be aware of shipping regulations for many of the countries where you’ll be exhibiting. In addition, they will know the best way to get your shipment to its destination on time and get everything set up, either by their company or by outsourcing it to a company they trust.

  1. Do You Have Recommendations from Reputable Companies with Which You’ve Done Business?

Do You Have Recommendations from Reputable Companies with Which You’ve Done Business?

No matter what business a supplier is in, they should be able to give good recommendations from past clients when asked for them. Most exhibition suppliers put in long hours of hard work to please their clients so they should be able to generate good recommendations from some of them when needed. If a supplier cannot produce a list of recommendations, it is because they do not have any to present to you.

A business usually won’t provide recommendations to suppliers or other companies they’ve worked with unless asked. However, unless a supplier has recently gone into business, they should be able to provide the names and photographs of their designs for happy clients who they have helped. There are also other resources available to you to help check out the suppliers you’re considering working with to design and build an exhibition stand for you.

Go on their websites to look for reviews from their clients. Unhappy customers and those who are extremely happy with the work that the suppliers have done will be only too happy to tell others their opinions, so carefully read any reviews you find online. Also, talk with people you know within your industry about stands they’ve liked and research who designed them to find good suppliers within your industry.

By asking these five questions and doing research, you should be able to find an end-to-end exhibition stand supplier for your needs.