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Top 10 Tips for Increasing Trade Show Sales

Presenting at trade shows is a great way for companies to introduce new products or showcase their businesses to people within their industries. However, the main purpose for attending trade shows is to increase your company’s sales.

The following 10 tips can help you identify potential clients at trade shows who are interested in your products.

  1. Be Proactive

Although having a giveaway is a good way to gather leads, you should do more than collect business cards in a fishbowl. Greet those who stop to sign up for the giveaway and try to engage them in conversation to find out how interested they are in your company. If you’re collecting business cards, remove the cards from the pile after speaking to people and add a symbol to indicate whether you should follow up with them.

  1. Gauge Interest


Although someone may take the brochures on the table and ask questions, he or she may only be passing time. Ask open-ended questions to gauge his or her interest in your business and its products. His or her answers should give you a sense if he or she is really interested or just gathering information.

  1. Know When to Move on


If a potential client doesn’t seem to have a problem that your products can address or if he or she is not committed to fixing the problem, don’t waste your time. Even though he or she may show interest, if someone doesn’t understand how your products can help him or her or his or her business, he or she is not going to give you a contract. Your time is better spent on potential clients to whom you can make sales.

  1. Get a Commitment

If you can qualify people showing interest in your company’s products, schedule appointments to make presentations at their businesses. You should also set aside space at your booth to make presentations to those you feel you can close with at the show. If you can’t schedule an appointment at the show, follow up with the contact and try again.

  1. Don’t Blame Yourself

It is tough making sales at trade shows as many of those in attendance are there to have a good time and gather information but not necessarily buy anything. Those attending shows may mislead you for more information without ever intending to buy any of your company’s products. Fortunately, by asking the right questions, you can usually tell genuinely interested parties from the pretenders.

  1. Learn to Listen

Although you may have a great presentation prepared, put it aside when you get prospects talking and really listen to what they’re saying. Only by actively listening will you pick up on clues and be able to overcome any objections that they may have about purchasing your company’s products.

  1. Know When to Back Off

Pushing any prospect too hard for a sale can be a turn-off so learn when to back off and when to push for a sale. Sometimes pushing can help people make a commitment but, often, potential clients will find it annoying and turn you down. Some clients need a soft approach but others need to be pushed. Learn how to tell the difference to increase your sales.

  1. Ask and Listen

Too often, salespeople will ask questions and interrupt clients as they try to answer them. They also ask questions that can be answered in simple terms such as yes or no. Instead, ask open-ended questions and then be quiet and listen. If you do, you will hear the signals indicating a sale or objections that you can overcome.

  1. Be Hungry, Not Aggressive

It’s okay to be hungry to make sales; after all, that’s your job and those attending trade shows understand it because they are in the business too. However, if you’re too aggressive, you can scare away potential clients and never get another chance with them. Learn to be relaxed yet alert to increase sales.

  1. Know When to Shut up!

Too often, salespeople are eager to tell potential clients everything they know about their products to sell them. However, if you hold back on information, you can gauge whether people are really interested when they stop at your booth. If they are, they will ask questions about your company and products.By following these tips, you can increase sales at trade shows.