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Tips To Be Considered For Trade Show Sales

Sales is a difficult and challenging career; however, for professional salespeople, there is no other profession they would prefer to be in because it is lucrative and even fun. Regardless of the product or service you are promoting, techniques for effective selling are roughly the same, which means that studying how to sell can increase your knowledge of the field and enable you to be more successful and productive. When you set up a booth at a trade show, you will always be selling, whether you realise it or not, so learning what to say and not to say to a potential customer who approaches you is very important.

Certain Words and Phrases Should Be Avoided


Certain Words and Phrases Should Be Avoided

When you’re trying to sell something, be it a product or a service, certain phrases should be avoided and learning what they are is imperative. First of all, you should never say something such as “I’m sorry to bother you” because it sounds as if you are unsure of your product or service. You want to portray a confidence in what you are selling and apologising makes it sound as if you are unsure of both your product and yourself. Asking if he or she is the decision-maker is also a bad idea because it makes him or her sound unimportant and will likely annoy him or her.

When you are talking to a potential customer, you have to make your product or service sound as if it will greatly improve the life that he or she is living; everything you say to him or her should be directed at how it would make him or her feel, both physically and psychologically, and how it can make his or her life much better. If you start your sales pitch with the word “I,” it will sound as if you are directing the conversation towards yourself. Centring every pitch around the customer with the word “you” makes him or her feel as if you are trying to do what’s best for him or her, which is what you want.

Naturally, there are other phrases that can be equally as dangerous, but the most important thing to remember is to never talk down to your customer, never over- or under-exaggerate claims about your product, and always make the sales pitch about what would benefit the customer and not you.

Customers Are Smarter Than You Think


Nowadays, customers are intelligent and can recognise a dishonest or showy salesperson a mile away. Using industry-specific jargon makes it sound as if you think that you are smarter or better than them and can even sound unprofessional or even sleazy. Again, talking to customers as if they are on your intellectual level is the smartest thing to do because this is what most of them respond to best. Certain words and phrases should never be used; however, if there is something in that word or phrase that you want to emphasise to the customer, try re-phrasing it so that it sounds more knowledgeable and professional. Today’s customers respond to intelligent, clear, and easy-to-understand phrases that make them feel as if they are in control, even when they are not, and will make them want your product or service much more.


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