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The Importance Of Trade Show Booth

Provided the recent advances in engineering, manufacturing, and design, it should come as no surprise to find out that tradeshows are showcasing increasingly elaborate exhibition stands and portable displays in this day and age. From eye-popping miniature waterfalls and live entertainment to high-tech 3D TVs and refined digital signage, many tradeshow stands are starting to look more and more like amusement parks, for crying out loud! However, if you plan on building your own exhibition booth for the next local tradeshow, it’s important to avoid going overboard with intricate graphics and sophisticated content because most of these add-ons are expensive and largely superfluous.

A Little Uniformity Goes a Long Way

Unless you’re an established multinational conglomerate, you should avoid trying to create a futuristic exhibition booth and instead focus on simplicity and brand reinforcement. Shown below are the most important core features that you can employ to turn barely-noticeable exhibition stands into true works of contemporary art without breaking the bank along the way.


  • Lighting: More often than not, tradeshow venue lighting tends to be unflattering and unfavorable, which places a lot of importance on implementing proper lighting in and around your exhibition stands. Thus, you should work diligently with your team to implement a cohesive blend of LED backlighting, monopoint illumination, rope lights, and micro-fluorescent bulbs. If you want to level the playing field from a marketing standpoint, you have to present something unique, distinctive, and attractive to your potential customers. Effective lighting will enable your exhibition booth to stand out from the other tradeshow stands in your vicinity, especially at first glance.

    Consistent Messaging:

Consistent Messaging

The ultimate goal of modern portable displays is to present guests with a clear image of exactly who you are and what you provide. Thus, your printed materials, distributable content, signage, and even the staff wardrobes should all be on the same page. The importance of brand reinforcement cannot be understated so you want to maintain an aura of consistency and uniformity throughout your booth.


  • Flooring: Similarly to venue lighting, tradeshow floors are usually unappealing, to say the least, with drab concrete or tacky tiles covering the entire arena. Thus, establishing a cohesive flooring solution in your booth is very important. Some faux hardwood linoleum or simple carpeting will be more than enough to allow your booth to stand out


  • Location: If at all possible, you should speak with the event organizers beforehand in order to ascertain the areas that’ll feature the most foot traffic. After all, you don’t want your booth to be trapped in a dingy corner on the far end of the venue so be sure to preach the age-old real estate concept from the onset: “Location! Location! Location!”

Simplicity Reigns Supreme

As you can see, you don’t have to implement towering TV screens or expensive computer hubs to create a fantastic booth. All you need is a consistent approach with a keen eye on making the most of your budget. The guests will flock towards your booth and the rest is up to you!

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