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Trade shows can be highly pivotal to your business. The can either make it or break it. However, with a little effort, and with the use of the highest standard of technology, these trade shows can bring a lot of leads fro the businesses with very little effort put into it.

In this article, we will analyze how significant a role is being played by the Trade Shows in the fulfilling their lead generation goals.


We can list a variety of reasons:

The most significant reason being, the trade shows allow businesses to present their products and the services they offer to a vast number of people, who are looking for similar opportunities.

Face-to-face meetings: Trade Shows provide the opportunity to the businesses to specify and outline the importance of their services to with new prospects or some old clients. They are precarious in providing a very long and durable partnership.

New product release: With a little bold effort, the businesses can make a mark upon the Trade Shows by launching their new products during them.

Media attention: by releasing their details to the media, the companiescan provide themselves with an opportunity to outreach even more vast variety of people and prospected clients.

Market Research: With most of the customers and clients at easy reach, the companies can have a better idea about the positive and negatives of their products and services, which in turn allows them to improve their quality in the future, and provides with an idea about the market demand.

With hundreds or sometimes even thousands of people attending these shows, they serve as a crucial lead generation tool for the companies. This way the businesses have a better chance to sell themselves to the expected customers.

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) points out that the demand for these Trade Shows in increasing day by day. They indicate that these exhibitions have brought forward a 3.7 percent growth in businesses in the last quarter of 2015.

They contribute in increasing the worth of the businesses, but the return of investment or the ROI of the trade shows may vary. If a company makes more effort towards the provision of high standard technology for their business, they are sure to make the best out of the,

Technology and Trade Shows: What You Should Know

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) points out that the demand for these Trade Shows in increasing day by day. They indicate that these exhibitions have brought forward a 3.7 percent growth in businesses in the last quarter of 2015.

They provide a lot of worth to the businesses, but the return of investment or the ROI of the trade shows may vary. If a company makes more effort towards the provision of high standard technology for their business, they are sure to make the best out of the,

Technology and Trade Shows: What You Should Know

With all the progress in the field of science, we now have now new technologies available which can help grow any business manifold. If companies can pinpoint their exact need, and employ these technologies to the maximum, it can contribute to highlight their booth from those around them and help them in catching their clients’ and media’s attention.

Eventually, there could be many technologiesyou can employ to highlight your company at trade shows. Following is the list of the top trade show technologies for companies.



Unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as drones, depict a trade booth technology like no other. They’re getting highly popular and hopefully in a short period before companies either big and small will be using drones as a critical aspect of their marketing and trade show strategies.

Market analysis firm NPD Group assessed that the drone sales had surpassed almost $200 million in the 12-month period which ended in April 2016, a whopping 224 percent year-over-year increase. As businesses search for the latest and greatest trade show technologies, drones may provide with an excellent option.

There can be many ways in which you can employ a drone as part of your trade show strategy, which includes:

Instant Deliveries: Did you forget your presentations or marketing materials at home? No need to worry, as Amazon demonstrated that drones could be employed for delivering packages. Therefore, we may see a rise in the use of drones to carry dispatches to trade show booths, shortly.

Remote Notifications: Drones can provide with an opportunity to the remote attendees with a closer look at a trade show. That way, remote attendees can appreciate the trade show experience — and can also have a look at your company’s trade show booth — without even leaving home.

Marketing: Marketers rejoice! Drones allow businesses to organize a unique set up for marketing and promotional activities. For instance, they can offer prizes if a drone can find out an attendee who is wearing a t-shirt that features their company’s logo. Or, they can even offer drones as a trade show giveaway prize to help their company stirring up interest amongst the attendees.
today drones can be found in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and in future, they could prove to be the difference for any company, that they want to make to capture trade show attendees’ attention.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so why not employ some fun and exciting images to display your brand? With ever advancing animation, businesses can infuse a lot of life in their brands by using high-quality 3D images.

Animations can help businesses in a better relay of their brand’s message in a way that is easier for everyone to understand and enjoy. The use of 3D images can make sure that the companies can display information about their products and services in a format that is reader-friendly. As a consequence, companies should face no problem in utilizing animations at trade shows to educate and amuse attendees at the same time.

If you want to profit from an animation as the section of your next trade show, don’t be hesitant to do it! Commonly, the planning and development of an animation may need many weeks or months to finish. You would also have to look for an animation team to help you brainstorm the out of the box concepts and make sure your animation will hit the mark with your designed audience.

Also, an animation may provide a viable opportunity to rebrand your company. If you’re looking to give your business a new look and feel, an animation offers an excellent way to trade show attendees to see what your company is all about.


Do you personalize your trade show materials? If you don't do it then, you may be missing out on a bright prospect to build a successful relationship with clients.

Personalization is becoming crucial for businesses every day, especially considering the fact of the modern days in today’s always-connected via global Internet marketplace. Presently, a vast majority of people ask for personalized support from brands. And if one company fails to provide it to their clients they are satisfied to move on to the next which would.

To evolve an effective trade show personalization strategy, businesses would need to consider personalization at three levels:

Before a trade show: dispatch personalized notifications to further the attendance at an upcoming trade show. Make use of emails, phone calls, social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and electronic and print media to share your message.

During a trade show: announcements made throughout the exhibit hall can make it easy for you to let the attendees know about activities at your trade show booth. Even during the shows the updates provided on social media can help various groups and individuals to know about your trade show activities.

After a trade show: make sure to always follow-up with individuals who came in touch with you during a trade show.

A personalized technique used during the trade shows may help you in laying the foundation for the partnerships which could mutually benefit all the prospects and clients. This way will allow you to pass on your brand message and help you in differentiating your brand from your opponents in the market, as well.

Branded Environments

A branded environment can speak highly about a business without even uttering a single word. It mirrors what could be the company’s goals, mission, and values and make sure that the prospects and clients are being able to understand what your business reflects before they even speaking to you.

A branded environment can help you to bring your workspace in your trade show booth. It can also assist you to show others what makes your business different from others and provides trade show attendees with an insight into your company’s culture.

An alluring and captivating branded environment will allow you to capture the core substance of your brand. It will also permit you to excite trade show attendees and reveal to them why they should work with your business.

It’s important to see here that the creation of a branded environment can not take place overnight. Developing this environment would require a lot of hard work and forbearance, and you’ll have to keep a trade show attendee’s perspective in mind a lot in advance.

Your company can be a trade show hit if you could be able to use your branded environment to show trade demonstrate to the attendees the exact reason why your business is more than just a name. But on the other hand, if you would not succeed in incorporating your brand into your trade show booth’s architecture, you may face the risk of setting up a branded environment that trade show attendees will likely disregard.

Multimedia/Interactive Displays

Attract the trade show attendees’ attention and never let go of the multimedia and interactive displays. Multimedia and interactive displays convey many benefits, including:

They catch trade show attendees’ attention almost at once. Businesses that want to bring the amazement factor to their trade show would surely be able to appreciate multimedia and interactive displays. They may help you in capturing the attendees’ attention and keeping them interested in your booth for an extended period.

The trade shows are all about, how well you can engage — and how well you can do that with trade show attendees will reflect whether your trade show booth would turn out to be a success or a failure. Currently, many multimedia and interactive displays drive engagement and make sure you can create a unique trade show booth experience.
They can allow you to please trade show attendees. Using multimedia and interactive displays add a lot of fun and enthusiasm to your trade show booth and heighten the entertainment value of your booth. In many cases, multimedia and interactive displays will let you give a more delightful experience to trade show attendees than you can do with a traditional and uninteresting trade show booth.

Multimedia and interactive displays provide you with a valuable opportunity to educate trade show attendees. They’re visually appealing and enable you to convince the show’s attendees why they should purchase your company’s products and services.

They offer enormous versatility to your products. in your trade show booths, you probably would have a limited amount of space at hand. Luckily, the multimedia and interactive displays are usually flexible and can be managed in very little space.

Convertible Trade Show Booth


If you plan to attend many trade shows shortly, a convertible trade show booth may sound like a fantastic investment.

A convertible trade show booth is easy to move and set up at any given place, at any time. In a very short period, you can set up a convertible trade show booth and make sure that it would fit perfectly in the space.

Commonly, a convertible booth is designed to fit as small as a 10′ x 10′ space, but there are also options available for the larger booth. Plus, there is also workstation available with an optional monitor that allows you to show a video to create a sensation and expectation around your booth and drive lead generation.

A convertible booth may come in a variety of combinations of the style and functionality. It makes sure that you can bring your trade show booth to the road without sacrificing the quality. They are also very easy to assemble.


Looking at it realistically, almost everyone who belongs to a good business and me capable of buying has a smartphone or tablet and make use of them to connect with the outside world. Gratefully, you can also infuse mobile technologies into your trade show booth, letting the smartphone users connect with your brand digitally.

For example, there are an increased popularity of the Quick Response (QR) codes amongst trade show exhibitors. The attendees can scan these codes with the help of their mobiles, if available at the booths. Scanning the code would allow them to customized company information.
QR codes enable businesses to promote their products and services in an innovative and exciting way. These codes provide the companies with an opportunity to offer mobile coupons and discounts. An attendee can learn a get a lot of info regarding your company, and also get some savings once they scan these codes through their mobiles.

In the end, the mobile technologies are becoming increasingly popular in driving social media engagement at trade shows. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and many other social networks can allow the people to share their feelings and ideas about a brand during a trade show. These social networks feature apps that are accessible on mobile devices and drive real-time engagement between trade show exhibitors and attendees.

You must engage on social media by tweeting and putting live videos during the show. Many trade shows use custom hashtags, making sure that they can use social media to promote their trade show booth to large groups of attendees.

Those who wish to take their social media endeavors even further can also set up a custom trade show hashtag of their own. Offering prizes to trade show attendees who post images of themselves at your trade show booth., can also help in promoting their booth.

Social media produces new ideas for businesses. If you assign the necessary time and means to help develop an effective social media strategy, you can very easily stay connected to trade show attendees.

What Does the Future Hold for Trade Show Technology?

Evidently, a vast collection of trade show technologies is now available to allow you to turn any simple trade show booth into an unforgettable one. This mixture of trade show technologies is hoped to remain on the rise, investing additional opportunities for trade show exhibitors.

Staying informed about the trade show technologies is the key to success for trade show exhibitors. With highly advanced trade show technology, you can bring your brand to life, and its products and its services and would help in generating a lot of interest in your trade show booth.