Trade Show Attendees Can Generate Leads By Having Demonstrations

Trade Show Attendees Can Generate Leads By Having Demonstrations

The goal of any trade show or convention booth is to draw the attention of potential clientele. One of the best ways to attract prospects’ attention is to have a good product demonstration. Up to 82% of trade show attendees report that they can generate good-quality leads by having great demonstrations. Use these seven elements to create a great product demo for your company.

  1. Motion

Build Space for Demo

Demos involving movement can catch the eyes of those passing your booth. Even if it’s early and no one is gathered around your booth, start a product demo to capture the attention of potential customers and others milling around the show’s floor.

  1. Put Benefit Front and Centre

Put Benefit Front and Centre

Your product needs to be able to solve a problem for your clients. If you are aware of its most important benefit, create a demonstration to show others how it will solve their problem instead of just telling them about it. Show-and-tell can be a very effective promotional tool.

  1. Show it Works

Show it Works

Instead of telling potential customers how great your product works, you will be able to demonstrate it at trade shows and other events. By showing how well your product works and removing people’s doubts about it, you can build more good-quality leads to increase its sales.

  1. Involve Attendees

Involve Attendees

Choose someone out of the group gathered around the booth to help with the demonstration. You can either engage him or her in conversation or get him or her to handle the product by helping you demonstrate it. Along with ending his or her own scepticism by using it, he or she will better remember your business and the product that he or she helped demonstrate.

  1. Perfect the Demo

Build Space for Demo

Have staff attending the trade show practice the demonstration until they can do it flawlessly. While they may be nervous, training them to do it until they can do it perfectly will help them overcome their nerves and provide a great demo to the audience. Train more than one person so that they can give each other breaks from demonstrating or, if the booth is large enough, consider having more than one demonstration done at a time.

  1. Apply Technology

Apply Technology

It is far easier to demonstrate how products work than it is to effectively demonstrate services. However, if you use the right presentation technology such as PowerPoints, slide shows, videos, or other types of tools, then all the necessary information can be provided to those who stop at your booth. These tools can also be used to engage potential clients and provide them with the benefits of your services.

  1. Build Space for Demo

Build Space for Demo

Instead of providing room in the booth for a demonstration, design the booth for the demo. This will help provide the space, lighting, support structures, and graphics that you need for a great demonstration. The design of the booth and the imagery used on it can help support the demonstrations and make them memorable.

Use these seven elements to create great product demonstrates for trade shows, conventions, and other business events that your company plans to attend.