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How to Hit It Big with Trade Show Displays

Trade show expo is a complicated investment. On one hand if you hit big, the return on investment is guaranteed. On the other hand, the issues that are being faced by the smaller companies in the first place is: how to hit it big but with trade show displays.There are hundreds of factors that go into planning of exhibition displays, but there are some overarching principles that can help guaranteed results:

Don’t Skimp on Prethe -Show Promotion

Send email blasts, promote heavily across all marketing channels, and even go offline and just literally spread the word. The more people aware of the exhibition displays the better the results would be.

However,that doesn’t mean the only option is to spray and pray when it comes to marketing. Identify influencers and individuals who can help spread the word in their networks. Go on LinkedIn and make a shortlist of your contacts whose networks, backgrounds, and interests align with the event and / or the displays, and chances are, if they’re truly interested, they’ll enthusiastically and voluntarily spread the word for you.


Think Inbound

Trade show displays should naturally be enticing enough to draw people in, but it could be tricky to figure out what exactly causes people to go into a stand. The main challenge here is sparking interest.

Ideally, use factors that only a targeted audience would show interest in. It’s nice to get a big crowd worked up over the displays, but how many of them will be calling back or signing up? Better to go for smaller crowds that in the long run will return the investment.

Besides,It’s the media present in the event that will get displays coverage. Aside from important people and business contacts, make a point to demo and do one-on-ones with media folks as well.


First and Last Impressions Last

Don’t Skimp on the Pre-Show Promotion (3).png

Make an impact while emphasizing value proposition. Consider event attendees that’ve been drawn in to be at the start of a short sales funnel. The top of the funnel is showing interest and the bottom of the funnel is intent to purchase or contact again (instead of a closed sale).

This means the top of funnel is important because it attendees into the exhibition stands, and the bottom of funnel is crucial because it reinforces brand recall. Once people get intrigued by a the stands, it’s time to embrace a single selling principle.


Every Interaction is Lead Nurturing


This simply deserves its own subheading: treat every interaction with the people in the displays as a lead nurturing action. Remember, they’re in the funnel. Try to push them deeper into the funnel before they exit, i.e. make sure they’re thoroughly wowed to the point that they would definitely want to know more in the near future.

There are several ways to help accomplish this:

  • one on one spots in booths
  • marketing collateral
  • follow-up information packets
  • Quizzes and games with prizes
  • hands-on demos, if possible

But really the key is to provide as much of a branded experience as possible.

This also means training booth staff to be as awesome as possible. Remember: visitors having a great time remember the brands that gave them that great time. Better yet, they can tell everyone in their social networks about it in real time, even, which leads to the next point.


Get the Tech Bells and Whistles Right

Technology and social media are inescapable -- the very people who will be visiting these custom exhibition stands will be using their smartphones and tablets to document practically every awesome experience they can.

First, make sure to deliver a great experience as mentioned above. Second, enrich the experience through technology and social media -- make it easy for visitors to share the awesome brand that delivered the experience.

Booth design comes into play here; there are things you can do such as:

  • Use eye-catchers that people can take selfies with and pictures of
  • Make any physical products centerpieces in the arrangement of a booth
  • Maximize the use of advertising (within the limits allowed by expo management)

Of course, be active on social media as well, before, during, and after the event. Share the results and make sure to invite your following to the next event, if there’s another one.