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How to Create A Creative Trade Show

Trade show without a plan to impress visitors to your stand. Indeed, for many companies, a successful trade show can actually grow a customer base and add to the bottom line. This is why it is vital to come up with a plan to create a great trade show presence.

First Impressions Last


It is very true that first impressions last, especially when it comes to customers and clients. If they visit your trade show booth and are impressed by what you have to offer and the way you have presented it, they are far more likely to invest in your product and your vision. So, what is the best way to create a remarkable experience? Consider the following advice:

  • Personality: personality.jpgTechnology goes a long way to impressing people but, at the end of the day, your booth should be about the people. If you want to attract people to your , you need to ensure that the employees at your booth are outgoing, friendly, and personable. This not only tends to attract more people, almost magnetically, to your booth but also says a lot about the accessibility and personality of your brand.
  • Technology: 636106150055207300945101878_635962722359877854950785968_Technology.pngThat being said, using technology in the right way is also important. Even if your products are not technologically-based, why not use some interactive elements in your exhibit? Touchscreens and digital panels allow people to see what your products are all about and, by employing an interactive element such as a user-controllable slideshow or virtual tour, you reach out to people and let them know who you are.
  • Free Stuff:a0685603164_16.jpg Everyone loves getting free stuff! Marketing people call it a loss leader but what you’re actually doing by giving out free samples or free special products is giving customers a real taste of who you are and what you do. Not only will you scratch the itch of anyone who comes in looking for free stuff but you’re also potentially enticing new customers to invest more time and money in your products.
  • Connectionstree-200795_960_720.jpg Social media has changed the way so many of us behave that it is absolutely vital to use it as part of your trade show exhibit. By utilizing social media channels, you can build up hype around your trade show and you can even attract new followers to your company.

The Details Matter

download (4).jpgWhen it comes to creating a great trade show presence, it is the details that really matter. Be personable and friendly, use interactive technology, provide free stuff, and make new connections. In this way, you can have a successful trade show exhibit and build your brand.