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If there is something that business professionals across many industries can agree on, it’s that trade shows provide an unrivaled return on investment. There is no better way to meet more people — whether they are potential customers, partners or vendors — in a short amount of time than through an effective trade show display.

The Business Expo Center offers some useful statistics that put the value of a trade show into perspective. To start, 99% of attendees at trade shows report that the face-to-face experience offers unique value. Furthermore, 90% of attendees say that they were not called for a face-to-face meeting by exhibitors outside of the trade show experience during the 12 months before the show.

That means that 9 out of 10 attendees aren’t finding their way to you at any other time during the year.

However, to get the most ROI out of your trade shows, you need to know a thing or two about trade show budgeting. While we all want to make as big of a splash in the exhibition hall as possible, there is only a limited amount of money that we can spend. And depending on your goals and the size of your budget, you may have to make some sacrifices.

Whether you rent it or buy your booth, go big or stay modest or go to a trade show only once a month or once a year, putting together a trade show exhibit is an investment, make sure you do it wisely.

There are firms that have  provided businesses and institutions with industry leading quality and value with their display solutions. Whether you are looking for a small banner stand or a fully appointed walk-through display, they will ready to make your brand pop.

If you’re looking to rent a display, they offer some excellent options that will give your company the financial flexibility it needs to grow.

Ready to invest in a display? There are companies which offer a wide range of options for every size, from tabletop displays to full-size trade show exhibits.

If you are looking to use one of the innovative predesigned displays, some beautiful options will surely help to make your brand shine. If instead, you want to go the truly customized route, our design team is ready to start collaborating with you!

In fact, if you aren’t yet sure where to start, there are design services team who have worked with countless brands to help them transform their wildest dreams into reality!