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Facts On Closing Trade Show Sales

Whenever you make a presentation, your goal should always be to close a sale. Even when making presentations at trade shows, which are notoriously difficult to sell at, you should have in mind that you can make a sale. Using the follow tips will help you increase your closure rate at trade shows and other events.

Prepare for Event

Prepare for Event

Prior to any trade show, you should start preparing to pitch potential clients and close sales by doing some research and pre-planning. First, find out which companies will be attending the trade shows where you’ll be introducing and/or exhibiting products. Find out who their influencers are, what products they sell, what their potential needs are, and how your products can fulfil them.

Use social media and write blog posts to promote your presence at the trade shows where your company will have a presence. Then, reach out to those who comment on the blog posts or your social media accounts and try to make connections. Schedule appointments with those who seem interested in learning more about the company and its products or at least invite them to visit you at the company’s booth.

Focus on Booth

The booth at a trade show is more than a place to display brochures and hold promotional items from your company. It should be set up to represent your business and function as a portable office for the staff. As such, it is important for every staff member working the booth to be professional in how he or she dresses and conducts himself or herself.

Keep the booth neat at all times, display images of products on banners or by using display screens, and set up products that trade show attendees can touch and/or try out. Don’t ignore people who approach the booth but try to engage them in conversation, demonstrate products if they seem to be confused or have trouble with them, and subtly gauge their level of interest in the products on display.

Since the attendees are in business in your industry, many of them will be able to influence purchases within their companies. In fact, statistics show that 81% of your visitors will be able to influence buying decisions so most of the people you meet are potential clients. By using the right sales skills, you should be able to close sales at the shows.

Reserve Space for Presentations

Set aside space at the booth to make presentations when you’ve found and qualified potential clients. Try to make it a quiet area in which you can hold a conversation, make a mini presentation, and ask questions of the prospect. While many of the people you qualify may not purchase anything at the show, there may be some who will and having a space to close sales will be helpful.

Put Best Foot Forward

Put Best Foot Forward

Everyone attending the show should be looking his or her best and exuding professionalism when attending trade shows. Everyone should be at the top of his or her game, know how to identify prospects, ask the right questions, and know how to close a sale. If need be, hold sales meetings to brush up on skills, rehearse presentations, and role-play scenarios that you may come across during trade shows.

Closing a sale begins by introducing yourself to potential clients and showing enthusiasm for your company’s products. Although you will be wearing a name badge displayed on the right side of your suit jacket or blouse, shake people’s hands, look them in the eyes, and introduce yourself. Make sure to get their names and use them as you speak with them about their interest in your company.

If traffic is slow at the booth, have some of the staff, including you yourself, go out onto the floor to give out information and promotional items as well as talk to people about your company and its products. Invite people to the booth and take them over to it if you engage in conversation. Keep them talking by asking open-ended questions and listen to what they say.

By paying attention and actively listening to potential clients, you will be able hear sales cues or objections and overcome them. If you’re prepared with product knowledge and know how to overcome objections, you should be able to close sales at trade shows.

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