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Choosing the Right Trade Show Exhibit for Your Needs

Attending exhibitions or trade shows allows companies to introduce their products to others within their industry, network with suppliers and distributors, and find new clients. However, there are hundreds of exhibitions and trade shows held each year, so you need to select the best ones for your company to attend. These tips can help your business select the best exhibitions or trade shows for your company.


Consider Goals for Attending

When selecting from the exhibitions and trade shows available within your industry, you need to determine your goals for reserving an exhibition booth at them. Is your company introducing new products, do you want to build your brand, or are you trying to increase sales? The answers to these questions can determine why you want your company to have tradeshow stands at these events.


Track Down Shows

Trade shows and exhibitions are held around the world, but unless your company is selling its products in Australia, then you probably don’t need exhibition stands at those shows. Consider your sales territory and those to which you may wish to expand for help you choosing which shows to attend. You can then go online to search for shows in those areas or use available resources, such as trade show calendars, to find those within your industry.


Research the Shows

Before scheduling space for an exhibition booth at the trade shows and exhibitions you find, research their history, the demographic of their attendees, the past exhibitors, and the publicity opportunities. Ideally, you should attend the events beforehand to discover its value to your business and why you should set up portable displays at them. However, if you cannot attend them, then doing research will allow you to discover the information you need about each show that you are considering attending.


Check Availability

When you narrow down the list of trade shows or exhibitions at which to set up tradeshow stands, contact each one and check their space availability. Most of the popular shows will be booked years in advance, but you may find enough space to at least put up portable displays. Some of the smaller shows may have availability for the next show, so they could be a good place to start making your company’s presence known.There are many other considerations for choosing shows at which to set up exhibition stands, but you should start with these tips to help you track down the shows your company should attend.

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