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“Do”s and “Don’t”s When You Want the Perfect Exhibition Displays

If your business is going to be represented at a conference or exhibition, the display you use to attract passers-by must always look its best. Whether this is your first exhibition or your hundredth, there are still things that you can learn about setting up a display that attracts attention. Just as with many other topics, there are people who specialise in teaching business owners how to create a great exhibition display every time and these experts recommend some basic but important tips to follow, including the following.

Do Not Rush or Try to Design Your Display Yourself.png

Do Not Rush or Try to Design Your Display Yourself

Professional displays are usually created by professional designers and artists. If you rush while making your display or try to do everything yourself, it may look sloppy and second-rate. It is best to hire a professional graphic artist and designer and start early so that you don’t have to rush through the project. This way, the final project will have the right combination of artwork and copy, be the right size, and contain items that are sure to attract anyone passing by your booth.


Hire the Right People to Take Care of Your Booth

Whenever you’re not at your booth, it is important to hire the right people to oversee it. You may want to consider hiring people from a temp agency to take care of your booth because hiring regular employees may result in representatives who are unmotivated and uninterested in what you’re doing, especially if you are open on the weekends. Going through a temp agency also means that you’re more likely to end up with people who specialise in overseeing display booths and who are professional enough to handle anyone who comes by for additional information on your business.

Another important point is to never assume that the people who you hire to help out will have the same objectives and behaviour protocols as you do. For instance, it is best if you remind them of things such as turning their cell phones off, not eating while they’re at the booth, and even what clothes to wear. Even if it’s something you assume that everyone knows, such as combing his or her hair before he or she comes to work, tell them anyway because this is the only way to ensure that they will be prepared for the job.

A High-Quality Television Monitor Can Help.png

A High-Quality Television Monitor Can Help

If you set up a flat-screen, high-quality television on your stand that shows something that represents your company, this can put the finishing touches on your display. Make sure that it is always working and that it includes clear, professional-looking graphics so that it attracts people’s attention. Do not include too much copy, however, as that may distract your customer a little too much. A large, clear, colourful TV screen with a nice company logo on it can be both impressive and effective and, again, if you choose a professional to assist with this task, that’s even better. Regardless of what you need to do to make sure that your display booth is unique, eye-catching, and informative, it is always best to do it because this is the only way to increase the odds that the right people will stop to talk to you.

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