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Digital Trade Show Displays: Interaction in a Changing World

There’s no doubt about it: you live in a digital world. Almost every activity from your alarm clock and telephone to the search for a new home involves a digital device. In fact, it’s quite common to go through your day gathering information only from digital print and digital images. The use of digital media is not just growing, it’s exploding.

This cultural change has become a key part of the marketing effort for companies in an array of industries. Creative marketing professionals grab your attention with dynamic displays that have replaced the older static posters and images. These displays are designed to interact with you and invite you to interact in a way that makes you part of the selling process.

You’re Captured

The smart advertising and marketing professionals not only draw you in and entice you to try or buy the product or service but they also gather your information. And, they do it without having to be there or pay an employee to interact with you. Because you are an active part of the process, the experience will generally remain in your mind longer than it would had you simply read the words on an advertisement sign.

Think about the last time that you strolled through a shopping mall. Even if you are there to buy one or two specific items and you know the location of those stores, you walk past a dozen dynamic displays. Chances are very good that you’ll stop at one (or more) of those because they literally capture your imagination. For marketers in the modern era, it’s about colors, movement, being bright and bold.

Buying Shoes

Buying Shoes

Consider the changes in the shoe buying process for a great example of how digital media and interactive displays alter so many experiences in our lives. Until just a few years ago, a salesperson physically measured your feet to make sure that you tried on shoes that fit. Now, you may be handed an iPad and asked to select a character.

This moving, talking, on-screen character gives instructions on where to stand. The iPad is connected to the device that digitally measures your feet. You then make your suggestion so the store personnel can get the pair that you need. This is especially intriguing for younger members of the family. They’re now engaged in the shoe buying process in a fascinating way.

One convenience/gas-mart store has taken this concept to a successful level by using interactive menus and advertising to enhance the customer experience. In fact, you can take a few steps inside the store, place your order for a freshly prepared meal, and then take it with you without interacting with anyone in person. It’s difficult to pass up the dynamic display menu. It’s very inviting and makes suggestions!

Someone once said that nothing is constant but change. This is certainly true for the way in which you receive information and make buying decisions. While you don’t have to understand every detail of the displays that you encounter during the day, it’s fascinating to know a bit more about the way companies are presenting their products and services. Maybe you and your company can make use of these new and exciting techniques.