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Different Kind of Trade Show Displays

The competition of brand introduction to the customers is always the most passionate and strongest on the floor of a trade show. The vendors from numerous industries would set up their displays to draw lots of consumers and investors towards themselves. Some of these displays are and bold and daring, while others are simple, but still, every company's aim is to try their best, within their means to further their old or new products in the market. Fortunately, in the present day world, the trade show vendors have more options available to them than ever with the multitude of display types that are available in the market.


In recent times, the tension fabric displays have come up as one of the easiest to move and suitable displaytypes. Most tension fabric displays are made of knit polyester graphic sheets that could be easily wrapped around and could be zipped up over the metal frames; it can be easily assembled and disassembled following a few small steps. Tension fabric displays are considered convenient because they’re easy to clean, fold and carry, and they’re also inexpensive to replace or modify.

Another option is what is thought to be the most contemporary, striking, and ultra modern appearance of the modular truss style of trade show displays is highly popular among the exhibitors who want to be more prominent on the floor of a trade show event. This particular display was being designed by Orbital ExpressTM Truss. Each one of their kits made up of the reconfigurable truss and back-wall pieces whose range extends from 10×10 to 20×20. No matter what the configuration, the modular truss displays can be set up quickly and very efficiently by the hand. Any display can be assembled with simple twist-and-lock motions — no tools are needed.



One of the easiest types of trade show displays is the pop-up display. It basically, is a collapsible set of panels that could be propped up at the booths by the companies to advertise their products and services properly. Since this is one of the lightest weight display types, the pop up can easily be taken anywhere. It can be unfolded like an accordion and could be set up at trade shows and other indoor or outdoors public or private events. The majority of the pop-up displays feature very elementary, yet very bold graphics and logos that are specifically designed to boost brand recognition among trade show attendees. Pop-ups can be embellished with clip-on lights and shelves for added visibility and product display capabilities.