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An Altogether Fresh and Modern Take On Traditional “Hanging” Trade Show Displays

Blimp Tower Trade Show Displays

Lately, many organizers have introduced a brand new line of reliable yet low-cost hanging displays at the trade shows, also known as the “Blimps.” These displays are not only cheaper than before, but are also more effective and have brought a serious competition amongst the other banners already available in the market, and are quickly increasing in demand every day. Apart from the usual and more commonly used hanging style ‘Blimps’ we are also offering some displays that can easily sit on the ground. Each of these alluring trade show displays starts with the tapered tube Blimp shape. To that, you either add a three- or four-sided tension fabric tower that could reach as high as 12-feet into the air! The tower and the Blimp, each of them, itself have a skeleton composed inside of them, that would snap-together aluminum tubing that is strong yet incredibly lightweight. Onto these frames are placed dye-sublimated fabric graphics that stretch over and zip-up to completely envelop the framework (these graphics are typically referred to as “pillowcase graphics”). Additionally, all of our Blimp Towers come standard with a rotating 2RPM motor that serves to capture attention even more.

We have seen these trade show displays used for all types of shows and all types of companies. The main benefit for them lies in their ability to grab attention from far away. When walking into a trade show of any kind, visitors can often be overwhelmed at first by the sheer amount of companies vying for their attention. Many times the linear, horizontal nature of the neat intersecting rows can create an ocular “numbing” effect where all of the displays just start to come across as visual noise. We have noticed in these instances that the general reaction is to turn attention elsewhere, which very often tends to be UP! Exhibitors who have made wise use of their booth’s vertical space thus find themselves at an advantage to those that can only reach up to the standard 8′-10′. These Blimp Tower trade show displays not only provide that ability to attract the eye from a distance, but they also make for an excellent centerpiece in larger booth areas.