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An Exhibition Stand Checklist

A Checklist

Preparing for a trade show is not as easy as it seems. You need to look after various factors and ensure that all of them fall in place perfectly to give yourself a competitors advantage when setting up the booth.
The pressure rises as the event nears, and it comes to a point where a simple mistake can render all the efforts useless. Therefore staying vigilant at all times is the need of the hour. Here is a comprehensive checklist that can help you overcome the last-minute stigma attached to all your problems.

Supply List

Getting hold of all the supplies and the final needs is the first part of setting up a stall. By putting together a list of all supplies for the even you get an idea of the potential costs involved. It also allows you to crosscheck against the items delivered. Write all the supplies down and take your time to ensure that you are not forgetting important details.


Patterns of design and colour are the second point of your checklist. As the owner and stakeholder of the business you should ensure that the colour scheme and the design of the exhibition stand falls in line with your business.


Promotions are an important aspect of the patterns you choose for the exhibition stand. Your exhibition stand checklist should include a list of special discounts and packages you offer to the customers. The more exciting the deals and packages the better the response you get from the audience.

Cables and Power

Waiting for the day of exhibition to setup the stall is never a good idea. Ensure that you complete the practise run that includes the cable and power before you set off for the exhibition venue.
You also need to consider the placement of all the cables and power. You can place them under the floor if you have to deal with a raised platform. It is important to consider the health and safety of your representatives at all cost.


There is more to an exhibition stand than just the mere table and a cloth. The cables and power you take along for the exhibition will also help you in connecting all the digital devices you have with you. You need to ensure the presentation is on point and the likelihoods of a technical error are considerably low.
A first aid-box, a pair of scissors, staplers and staples are few necessary items that complete an exhibition booth. You should also ensure convenience for those attending, by ordering internet for your stand and booking accommodation if they are going out of station for an exhibition.

Parting Thought

Exhibitions can be tough to manage. The pressure of maintaining a standard and the expectations of the clients is challenging. Amidst the confusion and the chaos the creation of an exhibition stand checklist can get things under control.