Benefits of Portable Exhibition Displays

Advantages of Portable Exhibition Displays

Every marketer understands the significance and importance of portable exhibition displays and display advertising. Whether it is utilized in exhibition, fair, trade show or in any other event, it is one of the cheapest and effective ways of advertising.


With the availability of portable exhibition displays the big display systems that were used in the past have vanished. This lightweight and easy to use display systems has made the advertising cost-effective, portable, easy to use and flexible.


Portability offers various advantages for the user. These lightweight displays can be easily shifted from one place to another which enables teams to participate in multiple events. Such displays have become a necessity for advertising teams as it helps them to move to different locations quickly.


The economical price of these displays has enabled the marketing teams to deploy them with liberty within their budget. A few years ago, it was not possible due to the heavy size and expensive nature of these displays.


There are a variety of booths to select from, which enables the customers to select the best booth as per their needs. There are a different variety of sizes, configuration and styles available. These numerous varieties of booths are suitable for every type of business.


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Fabric Trade Show Display Kit


The fabric trade show display kit is an innovative idea to convey your message to customers by using graphics to demonstrate about your products. The displays also have literature about the products mounted on them, making it convenient for the customers to take the information leaflet to their homes. It helps you to promote all the products of your company and educate people with the necessary information. It facilitates the customer in making a decision about your products.


It is a portable unit which can be bought for events with convenience by the marketing and advertising teams. The easy to assemble display kit makes it convenient for the companies to move it from one place to another in covering different events. It does not require any folding as it has got magnetic strips attached to it. It is a 2.3 m tall unit which makes it convenient for you to place all the necessary items.


It comes with a carrying case which makes it convenient to transport to different locations quickly, even though if there is a small gap between the starting of the next event. A small durable plastic stand is also included in the kit.


It comes up with printed graphics which gains the attention of the customer very quickly. These beautifully designed colourful graphics give it a professional look.


There are numerous items available in the online catalogue which makes it easier for the customer to browse and select the best available product. Each and every product has been tested as per the international quality standards. This means that all the available products are durable and of the highest quality.


Exhibition Display Stands


The display stands include perfectly designed graphics printed on your polyester fabric. It offers vivid colours which ensure that the graphics don’t fade away quickly. Two LED lights are placed on the top of the booth to ensure that the graphics attract the customer's attention. Attaching the unit to the stand is very simple. It comes with an aluminium frame which is lightweight and easily transportable. Furthermore, a carrying case is included in the kit which makes it convenient to shift to different locations.




  1. It is a lightweight device which can be easily moved from one place to another and can be easily packed.


  1. It is easy to use and assemble and even a novice user can operate it easily.

  1. It is cost effective as it does not require transportation, labour and storage costs.

  1. These equipment are durable and are ideal for rough handling and frequent use.

  1. These displays can be re-used on different occasions with different graphics instead of selecting an entirely different display.

  1. It requires minimum space. Often exhibition spaces are very expensive, it takes less floor space which means it reduces cost and the vacant space can be used for other stalls.





Flexible displays offer many advantages as it gives more options for organizers in terms of designing your stall at the event. When the display stands are not being used in an exhibition you can utilize them in your showroom or office reception.




Purchasing displays that can be reused give you not only an economical option but it is also good for the environment. Make certain that the graphics will not fade away after a few weeks. It shows that there will be a minimum of graphics replacement and the display will last for a long period of time.


Select Portable Exhibition Displays Wisely


There are various types of portable displays available, but you will achieve maximum benefits if you keep all the above points in mind. Go through all the fine details before purchasing rather than going simply by price to save your cost.


  • Weight
  • The compactness and the ease with which it is packed.
  • Good quality hardware and graphics
  • The ease with which it can be assembled and dismantled.


By using high-quality portable exhibition displays you will save a lot of your time and cost. It will also provide you with an environmentally friendly option.


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