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Which digital marketing channels convert?

Understanding and analyzing channels are one of the primary features of customer experience marketing. It is essential to know who you are targeting and how they engage with online media to conclude who you can convert through which online or digital channel.

Organic Based Searches

The traffic that can be involved in organic searches in essential in the digital world of marketing. Organic search is defined as a search result that is not market as paid ad. 51% of online traffic is generated through organic search results and over 90% of clients are also acquired through organic search. Hence I can not recommend enough on how important and critical SEO can be to your business.

Although paid ads are shown over the organic searches in Google, Bing and all other major search engines, it is important to note that many users tend to ignore them.

If your website was not designed to be SEO optimized ( not built with search engines in mind ) you are definitely at a significant disadvantage with search engines ranking you negatively. This also often leads to poor website elements, lower conversion rate and most importantly poor customer experience.

Referral sites

A goodwill stamp to you business can be from a reference site. Reference sites are third party website that recommends or promote your website through user content. The content can be inputted by yourself or a team member. During the customer research phase, potential clients may come across that piece of content and link directly to your website. SEO experts SEMRUSH offer a fantastic Keyword Planner tool.

SEO tools can tell you a lot about your website, your current traffic sources, backlinks to your site and even who is talking about your company on social media. It is essential to use tools like SEMRUSH or MOZ to gain valuable insights which can be then used to analyze and make relevant changes that might be required. From experience, I have seen that 9 in 10 website by SME'S are performing penniless due to lack of knowledge and understanding of the digital world.

Google and the other leading search engines highly regard referrals from another website. If Google bot finds your site linking to major reference sites which include blogs, forums, social media and another website it can boost your ranking up to 389% on average.

Social media

If you think customer engagement and brand awareness can help make a significant difference to your brand reputation, then Facebook ads are your No.1 choice. However, Facebook does with its bells and whistles. With over 400 million advertisers, it is essential that you approach Facebook ads with the right strategy and knowing who, what and when. I.e., Who to reach, what to preach and when to reach and teach.

Social media visitors are 71% more likely to purchase from you if your strategy is in place and the product is $XX.

Finding the right platform that suits your business, your style, and your target market is extremely essential. For example, If your market is business owners of business's with a turnover of over $500,000 then your target platform should be Linkedin rather than Facebook. It all depends on your business and your target market to develop a strategy that is right for you.


Trade shows are by far the best medium I have come across in my 20-year career as a marketer and event specialist. Tradeshows are essential for building a brand, introducing innovative products or getting in touch with high profile clients.

I am aware of small business owners acquiring deals up to $260,000 in value from a single tradeshow. Tradeshows help in building a personal relationship with your target market and can be essential in making your brand an overnight success story.