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Top Best Affiliate Programs That Pay the Highest Commission of 2022 that will boost your affiliate income

Daily thousands of publishers get benefit from association with other companies through affiliate programs. The best way to monetize your blog when you don’t sell any product or offer any services is through Affiliate marketing. You can get special deals for your audience by joining an affiliate program and access to new content and earn more.

There is a variety of affiliate programs available, from website builders to marketing to business affiliates and online courses.

This article explores the best affiliate programs with the highest commission potential to make sure you earn from the content you make.

What is Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is an agreement in which a business pays a commission to another influencer (affiliate) or business to drive traffic or sales on its way. This can be done through social media, product integration or web content.

For example a New York Times company, shoppers produced lists on the website. On affiliate relationships with dealers, Wirecutter earns the commission. It might make you doubt the publication affiliate monetization model on the credibility of its recommendation but it is the opposite. Wirecutter only makes a commission when prospect purchase product from the dealer and doesn’t return the product. To promote inferior products Wirecutter has no motive. If they do, they turn away readers and make less money.

How does Affiliate Program work?

An affiliate link is a unique link that Affiliate gets by which clicks can be reported by using cookies. Then cookies analyze users to see if they purchase or not. Affiliates will get a commission if users purchase in a given time. To join in standard categories of affiliate program includes website builders, finance, web hosting, travel, beauty, VPNs and fitness.

Each cookie has a specific life or length that can define how long the cookie can analyze the user activity. For example; if the cookie has 10 days of life, your referred person should purchase it within 10 days of clicking your affiliate link, and then you’ll earn a commission. After 10 days user's online activity will not be trackable and you don’t get any benefit then.

If you are interested in Affiliate programs below mention different types of affiliate programs, you can choose according to your business.

Affiliate Programs Types

There are a few affiliate programs that you can consider if you want to promote your product and services. Keep in mind the platforms where your audience spends the majority of the time when you choose an affiliate program. For instance, does your buyer persona who is looking for a good deal, appreciate a link on a coupon site? Or do they read blogs, and use search engines for searching new products? Or does they more interested in tons of research before purchasing something, on a review site making your promotion efforts more worthwhile.

You’ll have to consider yourself these questions. For your marketing efforts, let’s look at general types of affiliate programs so you can analyze potential approaches.

Affiliates Searching

In this program, to promote your offers through social media advertisement or on other search results you’ll have entrepreneurs or freelancers. Ensure that your partner is following advertising guidelines and search, if your partner has an SEO background this could be beneficial for you and then check which ads result in the most referrals to you.

Influencers & Bloggers

if some bloggers are popular on a social media platform and daily basis if they engage in deals with your buyers you might consider a partnership with them. Like if you are selling kitchen accessories, then approach the bloggers or YouTubers who post recipes blogs, and ask if they’d recommend them in their next recipe post. This will let your target audience on your website, if they buy products you offer, it provides extra revenue for influencers or bloggers.

Review Sites

Most people do research before purchasing any expensive product. Related to products and services review sites on that topic is a good idea. Who published the content reached that business or writer, and ask if they’d be interested in your product or services to providing an affiliate in their content.

Email Marketing

This is a most effective way to promote your product, you don’t need any partner for sending a bulk of emails who aren’t interested in your product and services. Let’s suppose, if you sell design tools, build a partnership with marketing agencies and ask them to include the link of your site in emails they send to clients. In this way, customers purchase your tools to create high-quality content, and agencies get an additional source of income.

Coupon Sites

You can create an affiliate partner for a limited time with a coupon site if you are launching a new product that isn’t popular in the market. You can also give your product away at a discount, if you don’t want to lose money, it is an effective way to get buyers on your site, check out and be your brand advocates.

If you have a small business or a blogger that wants to generate income or like to join the affiliate program. Below mentioned the top best affiliate programs that you can join. You can use the following examples as inspiration if you are going to launch an affiliate program and also get some guidance on how you pay affiliates and partners.

I have divided the list into subsections so you can go through with your specific best affiliate programs.

  • Best Affiliate Programs for Marketing & Business
  • Best Affiliate Programs for Online Course
  • Best Affiliate Programs for Website Development
  • Best Affiliate Programs for Web Hosting
  • Best Affiliate Programs for Retail
  • Best Affiliate Programs for Cosmetic and Beauty
  • Best Affiliate Programs for Travel
  • Best Affiliate Programs for Investment and Personal Finance

Let’s discuss!

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Best Affiliate Programs for Marketing and Business

  1. Elementor

Elementor is used to create more than 7% of all websites in the world, a dynamic drag and drop website builder. Without writing a single line of code, Elementor users can develop their Word Press website developing process, as it has website templates, integrations, design tools and widgets. Elementor offers now a cloud hosting feature, amongst unique Word Press website development.

Per sale, Elementor affiliates earn 50%. Ranging from 49$-999$, the software has five price packages. For affiliates, this pricing makes it easier to strategically market different plans to particular audiences. Elementor is a simple software, in an online society, it has more than 100K members where web developers host meetups, help to grow professionally and share advice. Elementor is an appealing option to consider with the remarkable earning worth of 10,000$ per month.

  1. Sendinblue

Sendinblue helps businesses to connect with customers via CRM, chat, marketing automation, and SMS, as it is an all in one digital marketing platform. With over 175,000 users around the Global, this tool is rapidly growing in the industry.

This affiliate program has two streams; one for bloggers and one for agencies.

In the email marketing space, Sendinblue has free and paid plans that make it a more attractive revenue opportunity for publishers and bloggers. When you join a network of top affiliates like CodeinWP, WPBeginner, emailtooltester, Capterra, email vendor selection etc, and refer a paying member you’ll get 100€ every time.

Commission: When a user creates a free account get 5€ and if the user buys a subscription get 100€.

At the time of payment, your commission will be converted based on currency rates as the payout is in the form of euros and the Program is open to the United States.

  1. HubSpot

The mission of HubSpot is to help millions of Organizations to grow better. It is an award-winning CRM platform that contains CMS Hub, powerful free CRM, Marketing Hub, Operations Hub and Sales Hub. From awareness to advocacy it gives tools to thousands of companies to manage the experience of customers.

You have two choices as a HubSpot affiliate, a 15% recurring rate for up to one year or first-month revenue corresponding to 100%. Per month HubSpot pricing plan range from 50$ to 30,000$. For customers to purchase more than one product is not uncommon. Could add up quickly these payouts.

As an affiliate program when you join HubSpot, you have access to a large creative inventory that includes banners, copy examples, and demo videos, all designed can help you earn much commission as possible. With the HubSpot affiliate team, you can pursue a one-on-one relationship and as result, their team help you to achieve your goals. If you want to monetize content and have a large business audience then the HubSpot affiliate program is best and well-suited for you.

  1. ConvertKit

In the email marketing field, via email campaigns, landing pages, and forms ConvertKit helps customers to grow. The affiliate program of ConvertKit addressed existing users of ConvertKit who feel their audience could advantage from products of email marketing. For every referred paying customer this program offers a 30% commission lifelong.

Its pricing plan ranges from 29$-2,000$ per month. It costs nothing to join the program and the income potential is a very attractive offer. However, this program has no special discounts or deals for any product that the affiliate can promote.

  1. AWeber

Since 1998 over one million entrepreneurs and businesses chose, AWeber has been an autoresponder. For email campaigns and newsletters it is an amazing tool. Through two different channels, AWeber Affiliates earn a significant income.

  • Lifetime 30% commission offers by their in-house Per month plan range from 20$-150$, so the payout can add up.
  • Through CJ Affiliate, you can earn per account up to 300$. This channel has only 45 days of cookie life, instead of one year.
  1. GetResponse

GetResponse give CRM tool, opt-in forms, webinar hosting and other marketing tools in addition to email marketing. GetResponse has two affiliate programs you can join both or can choose from just like AWeber;

  • It offers a 33% recurring commission by the self-hosted program. Bonuses can be a handsome amount, with price plans ranging from 15$-1200$ per month.
  • Through CJ Affiliate you can earn 135$ for every referred sale. Instead of 120 days offered in the in-house program, it has only 30 days of cookie life.
  1. Unbounce

By Campaign monitor and Zola brands, this popular landing page platform helps users for agencies, SaaS businesses and eCommerce sites to design high converting landing pages. For every customer, you refer Unbounce Affiliate allows you to earn 20% of the recurring revenue.

In addition, your social media followers and site visitors get 20% off for the first three months while using Unbounce and also make the exchangeable value as well. To get success in affiliate programs Unbounce has a variety of tools available counting a Partner coach, to track progress a custom dashboard, promotional and training material to make sure that you are promoting their business as much as possible. This partnership is very effective for both parties if you are a marketer and help clients to increase conversion on their sites.

  1. Fiverr


On your blog and website, Fiverr has some products to promote including Fiverr (from marketing to tech, freelancer marketplace with digital services), Fiverr Learn (to expand skills courses for businesses and freelancers) and Fiverr Pro (by major brands access to hand-vetted talent).

With over 5.5 million users this popular platform offers affiliates creative assets to promote their services and a dashboard to monitor and manage campaigns. If you work with someone who needs to hire a freelancer for tech skills, design, and marketing or for entrepreneurs who write a blog and want to promote Fiverr Learn, you may contemplate a partnership with Fiverr. Depending on the services you promote, commission varies with it.

  1. Constant Contact

For small businesses, entrepreneurs and bloggers Constant Contact has powerful marketing tools. To increase revenue on their online stores, Constant Contact users can generate Facebook and Instagram Ads, target new customers of eCommerce, automatize their campaigns of email marketing and send follow-up emails.

For all qualified leads, an affiliate program of the company enables you to earn 5$. When referral becomes the Constant Contact customer enables to earn 105$. To get success through the Affiliate program, you’ll get promotional materials, personalized support and a tracking dashboard.

Shopify, Facebook and Word Press used Constant Contact. Constant Contact is a good partnership to consider if you believe your clients could get benefit from the tools of email marketing.

  1. Typeform


Typeform has conversational forms and surveys including Event Lead Capture Forms, Contact forms, and Employee Satisfaction Surveys on referrals, it offers a 20% recurring commission. On Typeform you can earn up to 20% referred customer subscription, as long as the subscription remains active. Service is very cheap, adds up quickly and makes it easy for referrals to purchase. If 100 people sign up on a monthly basic plan on your reference and you get 580$ per month.

  1. Pabbly

For app integration, email marketing, email verification, subscription billing and form building Pabbly is an online site that has numerous business management and marketing tools. Pabbly has a cost-effective popular package – Pabbly Plus.

This affiliate program has some unique features including:

  • You can earn a minimum commission of 183$ with a single sale of Pabbly products.
  • Within 40 days of the sale, you get a 30% commission to promote all or some of its products.
  • By using a single cookie they track sales of all of their products. So whatever product you promote, if someone purchases that product from your affiliate link you’ll get a commission on the sale. To your audience, this will save you from promoting each product separately.

In addition, they allow you to monitor sales, through a single dashboard they provide you and also you can view all your commission related details like payouts, referrals and sales; in one place.

  1. Outgrown Affiliate program

It is an associate content creator, to create personalized content including forms, Chabot, eCommerce, calculators, assessments, viral quizzes and recommendations to help marketers. Like interactive content, personalized solutions increase engagement of users, conversion improvement, the customer adds real value and marketers generate leads that can help in retargeting and segmentation.

In addition, 20% commission on recurring payments and 20% upfront commission. On Outgrow podcasts and webinars, Outgrow affiliates receive opportunities to get featured and receive 24/7 chat support.


  1. io

For your online business has everything you need to launch, grow and scale, as is a simple and fast marketing tool. Over 200,00 people use to generate and create online blogs and courses, build sales funnels, run affiliate programs, unlimited email sending, website development and automate almost every feature of marketing. has 6 different packages that range from 27$/month to 828$/year. Affiliates can drag a maximum number of leads to their feed due to the multiple lead magnets and online courses of To convert new users Affiliates can get all pricing plans and onboarding materials.

On all subscriptions and course sales Affiliates of can earn a 40% commission lifetime. If their referrals promote themselves on the platform successfully, they also earn 5% commissions. With their affiliate's monthly payout of 100,000$, and the total commission of over 200,000$ earn so far as this affiliate program offers great income possibility.

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Best Affiliate Programs for Online Course

  1. Teachable

To create and sell online courses, Teachable helps you. Teachable is one of the most popular e-learning platforms with over 18 million students and 186 thousand courses. From Smart passive income, it is highly validated by Pat Flynn.

Teachable is appropriate for multiple niches from Facebook ads to decorating tips. On a monthly subscription fee of referral, the Teachable affiliate program pays a 30% recurring commission. Per monthly its pricing plan ranges from 29$-499$, which means you can earn up to 150$ per sale.

  1. Thinkific

Thinkific is one platform that ables you to share knowledge, grow your audience and succeed in your business. Under their brand, this will helps you to design, market and sell courses online and on membership sites.

If your prospects are up any of the following you are a suitable candidate for the affiliate program of Thinkific:

  • Entrepreneurs desire to add streams of new revenue.
  • With knowledge and skills of content creators who want to share.
  • Business leaders for customers who want to design new courses.

As an affiliate partnership with Thinkific, you get a 30% commission of lifetime recurring, accessible to ready to share promotional content and competitive 90 days cookie. Every year, Affiliate partners of Thinkific can earn up to 1700$.

  1. iSpring

It is an international software development company that develops tools for online training and e-learning content. Their forerunner product is iSpring Suite an award-winning authoring tool that authorizes the creation of quizzes, role plays, e-books and online courses. iSpring Suite has an instinctive interface, that is known to everyone (its works as a PowerPoint add-in) and provides a solution for any need for learning. This is the reason it is popular among people from every field; from professors to corporate designers.

iSpring Suite and iSpring Suite Max include in an affiliate program, it costs ranging from 770$ and 970$. From a single purchase you earn 77$-97$ and on providing more than 10 customers monthly can earn1000$ per month. The verified commission you will receive.

  1. Kajabi

Kajabi helps users to launch marketing campaigns, develop a perfect website, create courses online and build landing pages. The partner program of Kajabi is currently only open to Kajabi users. Any member you bring to Kajabi that stays active trial period and you get a 30% commission lifetime as an affiliate. As you progress you’ll get special rewards. An exciting bonus gets when the level unlocks and it is only for partners of Kajabi.

Best Affiliate Program for Website Builder

  1. Leadpages

To create a customised landing page that easily collects information and enhances conversion rates you can use Leadpages. For Leadpages customers their affiliate program is open. Get 30% commission lifetime, by getting referred customer. Price range from 25$-200$ per month for membership.

Leadpages offers some special deals, like affiliates get a bonus of 5000$ who complete a sales target of 10+ at a given date. Affiliates acquire social media-friendly links, banners and sidebar images. Instead of a product page, you can share a unique link to a page of free content.

  1. Wix

Wix is for you if you want an unlimited payout with little effort. This web development company is one of the most famous web hosting platforms, per premium referral you can get 100$. It has no limit to the people of referring you give if you refer 10 people you made 1000$. To include their link on your site, Wix makes it easy for you by providing you with creative links including landing pages in all languages and banners.

To get paid you need to reach a specific sales target, minimum sales reach per month of 300$, if you make less than that then your commission will stay in your account and you withdraw after you reach that target. If you want prospects can visit your site, channel or blogs daily who could be interested in a hosting platform to create their website so Wix is a perfect option for you. If you are not sure for a while if you can reach the minimum sales target, you can reconsider it.

  1. Shopify

In the dropshipping industry, Shopify is a true market leader with over 2 million worldwide merchants. If you need to start your store, Shopify has everything including analytics features, shopping carts, payment processing, website builders, management tools for the store and many more.

The Shopify affiliate program is for you if your audience is related to e-commerce and needs help to set online store. On a monthly subscription, Affiliates earn a commission of 200%. In addition, you get 2000$ payment when your referral signs up for a Plus account of Shopify.

For your Shopify store, you get priority support as an Affiliate of Shopify and to promote with the audience get free content from Shopify. You can join this program for free. Quite niche is a target for this program, you need prospects that sell their products online and don’t have a solid platform for e-commerce.

Best Affiliate Programs for Web Hosting

  1. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is a secure web hosting platform that allows you to earn per sale 100$.  They have the level to pay literately, for one sale pays 50$ and for six or more pays 100$. In addition, creative assets, banners, and content providers by the company to make sure that are comfortable with the link or banners you include in your blogs or website.

GreenGeeks is a good option to avail if you think your visitors of website or blog readers are interested in survey platforms of web hosting. The best thing about this company is it promotes eco-friendly choices, so you can well aware of the “green message” you spread to your visitor on the website.

  1. Bluehost

It is a web hosting platform, that supports over 2 million websites. Bluehost offers the best affiliate programs to monetize websites or blogs for entrepreneurs and businesses. On your website and blogs if you promote the product or services of Bluehost, from sales generate on your website you can earn 65$-130$.

The affiliate program you can join for free, and in addition, each lead you provide them Bluehost offers you authentic tracking to make sure you get the commission. Best of all, Bluehost offers affiliate managers who can give personalized advice and support.

  1. WP Engine

On the Internet, there are millions of websites and more than 40% are developed on WordPress. Worldwide, WP Engine offers fast web hosting for many WordPress websites. On the ShareASale network, the WP Engine program of affiliate runs. You can earn per signup of 200$ or 100% first monthly payment of the customer by promoting plans of WP Engines. You get an absolute discount on affiliate that your audience get benefit from it if you offer them. You can earn 35% of the sales generated by promoting StudioPress themes. Cookie tracking of 60 days can get by these purchases.

The affiliate program of WP Engine is two-tiered, which means you can get paid for referring customers as well as paid referring affiliates. For each referral, you’ll get 50$. It’s not an easy process to find prospects who want to build a new WordPress website, profits can be high when you do find other users.

  1. Hostgator

Building tools and website hosting are offered by Hostgator. With limited budgets, it has an amazingly low cost for eCommerce and startups. The cost of the starter plan is just 3.84$ per month.

To become an affiliate of Hostgator is free of cost, and its payouts are significant. If you provide per month 1-5 signups you can earn 65$ and more than 125$ can be earned if you provide over 21 signups to Hostgator. To create a custom coupon code on your site you can set tracking links. Money-back guarantees of 45 days are provided by the Hostgator.

  1. Kinsta

By Veteran WordPress developers, Kinsta was founded in 2013 “with a desire to create the best WordPress hosting platform in the world.” They endeavour to offer WordPress hosting that is reliable and secure. Followed by a recurring 10% payment monthly, the Kinsta program of Affiliate pays a starting commission.

Affiliates up to 500$ can earn initially, based on the referral plan type has purchased:

  • Starter: 30$
  • Pro: 100$
  • Business: 150$
  • Enterprise: 500$

    As 10% does not seem enough, the referral is likely to have lifetime value. Thanks to Kinsta for the high customer 95% rate of retention.

Best Affiliate Programs for Retail

  1. eBay Partner Network

The affiliate program of eBay has similar advantages to Amazon which is a well-recognised brand, various selection of products, and high conversion rates. The eBay Partner Network has offered a commission of 1-4%. Depending on the product category, the percentage of the revenue eBay you can earn from that purchase.


You can promote high ticket items that fall under accessories and parts or fashion. One drawback of this program is it offers a cap for each category – under 1000$ with most falling well. Your commission potential is therefore limited.

  1. Target

With a variety of various products, Target is always a highly known brand while it doesn’t have a wide variety of products like eBay or Amazon. On a volume-based commission structure, an affiliate program of Target operates which means the number of the purchased item increases your commission also increases.

The health and Beauty product category does not benefit from this model, the commission of the category is 1% instead of volume. It is important to note that in-person most people prefer to buy Target products instead online, so this will affect your returns.

  1. Spocket

Spocket is a wholesaler, dropshipping supplier, and European & American dealer of high-quality products. Worldwide thousands of suppliers of dropshipping enable entrepreneurs to sell products. They have an amazing affiliate program; for each customer, you refer to Spocket you can earn up to 450$. As long as the customer remains active with Spocket you can get a commission from the Spocket account of referral.

To promote their business their program will give you the resources and tools you need. This is the best affiliate program to approach if your visitors to a website are eCommerce businesses or entrepreneurs.

  1. Amazon Associates

Amazon is one the most well-known popular online platform for shopping, so if you want to buy something you’ll find it on Amazon. Depending on the category and purchased product Amazon Associates earn a commission between 1-10%. You can earn a 10% cut on the price, as the clothes and beauty products are the most valuable items to promote.

One of the plus points to working with Amazon as an affiliate marketer is people are well-aware of this company and trust its products so it is easy to sell their products and get a commission. Around the holidays, Amazon has very high conversion rates. It fits most types of businesses as the selection of products is so extensive. You can promote dog and cat treats if you write about animals. For instance, you can suggest jumper cables if your prospects are interested in cars.

In addition, if someone buys something through your Amazon link and also buys from your content links, you still get a commission from the user’s cart. The only drawback of Amazon is some category has low commission like electronics and video games.

For social media influencers and businesses with a huge audience, Amazon launched its new Amazon Influencer program as an add-on for the program of Associates. You get the same advantage as the Associate programs, with a unique URL on your page on Amazon that shows the products you recommend to your audience.

You must have Instagram, Facebook account, Twitter, and YouTube to qualify. On social media accounts Amazon checkout the number of followers and other engagements analytics to find out whether you are capable of this program.

  1. Hammacher Schlemmer

With a lifetime of more than 150 years, Hammacher Schlemmer is America longest running catalogue and ranging from electronics to outdoor living gear it continues to sell items successfully. In addition, the company has the opportunity to offer an affiliate program, to earn high commission payouts.

Through your website or blog any product can sell you can get an 8% commission. Although 8% is not a good commission, consider other products that have a high price like 65000$ Full Immersion Professional Racer or 5000$ for Muhammad Ali's Autographed photo collage.

You consider a partnership with Hammacher Schlemmer if you are interested in the products on its website that is similar to your offerings or match your buyer’s persona. For an eCommerce business who interested in expanding its services, this affiliate program is a good idea. To help your online store, Hammacher Schlemmer offers tools (includes password verified reports) and content.

Best Affiliate Programs for Cosmetic and Beauty

  1. BH Cosmetics

In the beauty industry, BH Cosmetic is one the successful company raised in LA. They are interested in innovative beauty ideas and bringing customers to avail of their cruelty-free cosmetics. To convert leads they run sales and promotions on daily basis.


Affiliates of BH Cosmetics earn an 8% commission which depends on users' visits within 60 days. It has an on-site conversion rate is 6.46% and the average order value is 38$. As an Affiliate of BH Cosmetics, you can get entire access to banners and coupons that can use on your blog, emails and website. Additionally, their in-house passionate affiliate team runs incentives monthly and contests of affiliates motivate you to promote your affiliate link.

  1. Ulta

For beauty holics, Ulta is a brand that wants affordable repute skincare, personal care products and makeup. For its various offerings, Ulta is known that can serve beauty products.

The affiliate program of Ulta pays 1% to 5% commissions. This % is low, but Ulta is ranked #2 in the cosmetic and beauty industry online, which means your audience may be heard of it and also be a current customer. Ulta offers zestful banners and text links to promote its products. This company has continuing promotions, including free products and free delivery to help you to increase sales.

  1. com is a well-known perfume space online that has thousand of top designer fragrances and products of aromatherapy. It also sells other skincare products and makeup. Due to its speciality in fragrance, we recommend bloggers who write related to fragrances.


On every purchase through the link generated Affiliates can earn 1% to 5%. It provides you with seasonal ads, banners, coupon codes and blog content to drive customers to your site. Through the Rakuten platform, this program is working.

  1. Sephora

Sephora is the affiliate program for you if serving a well-off readership. It offers a wide variety of beauty products including fragrances, skincare, and makeup. In addition, they have a high-level customer experience like they offer a gift with any purchase and sometimes another reward.

On all sales affiliate programs, Sephora can earn a 5% commission which is much more than Ulta and other retailers' rate of commissions. Sephora offers promotional banners, and creative assets to the Affiliate program to promote their products on their blogs and sites.

The drawback of this program is the cookie length is short; after 24 hours of users clicking on the link of affiliate cookie will expire.

Best Affiliate Programs for Investment & Finance

  1. Sage Financials

Built on Salesforce Sage Financials is a cloud accounting solution that offers analytics, and tools for reporting small mid-sized businesses and accounting. It has a splendid affiliate program including a support team, into your bank account commission paid directly and a detailed report on your earnings and performance. The best thing is you can get a commission on free sign-ups from your blog and website received to Sage. If you believe your visitors are interested in accounting tools you can become partners with Sage.


For affiliate programs, you want to consider a network of Affiliates link CJ Affiliate and LinkShare that has a variety of programs. You can join the affiliate program as much as you can.

  1. Acorn

It is a “micro-investing” mobile app that helps people to invest money wisely. This affiliate program is for you if you have a financial advice blog that offers this demographic, especially if they haven’t assets or accrued capital.

For every referred customer Affiliate can earn 10$. Acorns access you variety of creative assets to promote the app and a devoted account manager to help you to enhance your marketing efforts.

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Best Affiliate Program for Travel

  1. Cheapflights

It is a site where users find the cheapest plane tickets. Cheapflights give commission to its affiliates not for paying customers on its site but for sending traffic to their partners.

For desktop and tablet, Affiliates paid when a user clicks – 0.45$ and for mobile get 0.25$ per click. Cheapflights provide the affiliates with different creative assets – banners to travel widgets and search boxes that allow your visitor to do research and then move to the Cheapflights site. This is one of the most popular affiliate tools and pays the highest revenue per visit.

  1. Sandal Resorts

In the Caribbean resort travel Sandals is one the well-known. Families and couples travel from Barbados, Jamaica, The Bahamas and other places all resorts of Sandals provide luxurious vacations.

The affiliate program of Sandal gets paid a commission when affiliates refer someone to book a stay in one of the Sandal Resorts or book some activity in Resort. Although 4% is a small commission, these resorts have daily rates from 150$-2000$ per individual, which means if a couple, books a weekend in a resort at 500$ per person you get paid 280$ commission.

If your audience is interested in spending vacations in luxury resorts in the Caribbean this program is a good opportunity.