The Role & Importance of Marketing Trade Shows

When you think of the word “marketing,” what comes to mind? Do you picture a bunch of people sitting in a conference room talking about sales numbers all day or do you think of a group of people sitting around a table, coming up with catchy slogans? While traditional marketing might be a general term, it actually incorporates much more than just presenting sales numbers and coming up with slogans. Marketing is an incredibly useful tool, and marketing professionals are always looking for new ways to improve the way they report the data, capture leads, and qualify them for sales.

Marketing at its Core Function

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Traditional marketing has always been about capturing leads. Leads are customers who are interested in purchasing a certain product from a particular business. Marketing is all about capturing leads and coaxing them into making a purchase. This process is often referred to as qualifying leads for sales.

In the lead qualifying process, there are several steps marketers can take to coax leads into making a purchase. The first step is creating awareness, the customer needs to be aware of the product before they can learn about it. Next, marketers inform the customer about the product and how it can make their lives better. Finally, marketers implement a call-to-action, which is an offer to sell them the product or to get in touch with a salesperson.

Why Trade Shows Are Marketing Goldmines

Marketing Goldmines

Today, a majority of marketing occurs online via websites, email marketing, and social media. However, the best way to witness marketing at its paramount is to visit a trade show. When you go to a trade show, you can see marketing happening in every step of the process. Tradeshow marketing is very straightforward, so it’s easy to understand how marketing works by watching it happen at a tradeshow.

For example, the booths are designed to create awareness, companies design their booths to catch customers’ eyes and draw them toward their product. Next, companies might hire staffers or sales representatives to inform each person about the company’s products and services. Finally, these salespeople will create calls-to-action by asking these potential customers whether they would like to make a purchase. Tradeshow marketing is very creative, entertaining, and marketers often spend months designing their booths.

If you’d like to learn more about marketing as a business strategy, a trade show is the perfect place to learn about marketing. There are hundreds of trade shows every year, and you can learn a lot about marketing simply by visiting one.