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The Element of Surprise – Trade Show Marketing

It’s hard to really quantify the importance of trade shows and fairs for small business owners. Small businesses usually take part in trade shows and exhibitions to improve their sales and to get better clients. Trade shows can prove to be the platform through which you launch your business, however the problem with finding success at a trade show lies in doing something different. If you are doing the exact same thing as many others before you and around you, there’s little chance of success. One of the ways to really capture the audience’s attention is to add an element of surprise to your marketing efforts

You shouldn’t forget, however, that there are other businesses who will also try to captivate the audience and have them sign up for their products. Trade shows are all about networking and making an impression. It’s certainly not about making a sale at the event; your primary aim is to get the contact details of people visiting your booth so that you can push your marketing campaign and build a bigger list of interested clients. For instance, if you give them a simple greeting card one time, it’s likely to be very well-appreciated at first. If you repeat the gesture again the next year, it’s unlikely to receive as much fanfare as it did the previous year. Therefore, it’s all about mixing things up every time you take part in a trade show. Here are a few ways to surprise your audience.

Start Selling Surprise Bags

As mentioned above, trade shows aren’t really about selling your products, it’s all about focusing on your company’s marketing efforts. One of the best ways to add a touch of surprise is to start selling some surprise bags. You can just package small things into the bags and then sell them for a small price. It’s a great way to keep people interested in what you are offering. They won’t know what’s in the bag, and if you price them well, you will be able to sell them all off within the week.

Other Ideas

  • Arrange for gifts to be dropped off for the guests staying in hotels close to the venue of the trade show
  • Put up some sort of entertainment that’s relevant to the message you are trying to deliver
  • Add a personal touch by adding brand imagery as well as the logo of any prospects that you want
  • If you have the funds, offer a personalised concierge service to your customers, thus helping them find out about local attractions in the city
  • Create a personalised shopping guide of sorts, thus helping people find out which vendors offers the best rates and the pros and cons of buying from one place or another
  • Create a VIP package for customers that are genuinely interested; this could include meet and greets with company staff, and you can also offer a surprise discount to your customers