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Marketing Strategies For B2B Trade Shows

B2B marketer's large budget is through either trade show or event marketing which has average 20% of total marketing budget. B-to-b marketers would likely to pay attention to three points of leverage in their trade show marketing stuff.


Pre-show promotions

Trade shows are powerful elements of the marketing mix because they offer a coherent way of conducting face to face conversation with prospects and customers.

Think: Your target audience is into a single location, where over some days, you can have several encounters to kick off or a valuable business relationship. Compare that to the time and cost of spraying your salespeople over all the country.But to take benefit of the opportunity, you should fortify that you will

 1) Be Meeting right people at the event

 2) Be using fruitful conversations which means pre-show outrun, to layout meetings, direct traffic to your booth

Business marketers under-utilize this highly leveraged option, dedicates 5% of the budgets to pre-show promotions.

Center for Exhibition Industry Research says:

Marketers should chase two pre-show communication approaches:

  1. Targeted communications to registered attendees:

 Squeeze out high-potential visitors from the trade show attendee population and uplift them to visit your booth or organize an appointment, using outbound email, mail and telephone.

  1. Communications to your house file:

Invite your own customers, inquirers and prospects to meet with you at the show. If they are not going to do groundwork to attend the event, your invitation reminds them that you are exhibiting and serves as a functional part of an ongoing relationship-building communications stream.


At-show strategies

Much has been there about how to get most at a trade show. But the best leverage lies with the staff that populate your booth. It is where there all business conversations take place. If those interactions are bungled, your event ROI will suffer.


Two important areas to focus:

    1. Staff training:

We can think that our sales, marketing and technical people are naturally acceptable to booth duty. But investing very few thousand dollars in training can triple their output, getting you more leads plus business relationships for the fixed budget you have invested. In just a few hours, your booth staff can be trained to engage and disengage productively with customers and prospects at levels that will amaze you.


    1. Convenient data capture:

A badge scan won't capture the content of the conversations these staffers are having with prospects. They need a quick way to store the prospect's interests and next steps which leads us to the final of leverage.


Post-show follow-up

Much has also been written about the importance of timely and relevant follow-up after an event. But Let it be a step further. I would say that if you don't have a follow-up process at your company, you never should attending a business event in the first place.

Except in the rare instance of shows where goods are sold on the floor, your entire revenue payoff will be post-show. Make sure your lead qualification and nurturing processes are ready to receive the influx of data generated at the event, and that the specialized data captured by the booth staff can be worked into the follow-up communications to make them relevant and professional. With a focus on these three leverage points, you can take your event marketing to next levels of success.


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