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In 2022 Best Survey software for business (Free & Paid Online Tool)

Data is essential to ensure you're doing a productive advertising marketing campaign and surely delighting your intended target audience. A survey performed using Gartner states that almost 80% of increased businesses use client surveys to acquire clients' experience data.

However accumulating records can be complex, and many times do not paint a full picture. Blog traffic is splendid, for example, but would not always inform you how a client is perceiving your logo. To achieve a correct depiction of your target audience, brand, and consumers, you have to put money into the survey software program and questionnaire tool.
Survey and questionnaire tools assist your group trial new products, gauging the efficiency of marketing efforts, and in addition identifying consumer sentiment about your brand. With this information, you're better to provide to give out your audience the most related and functional content, offerings, and products.

There’s a myriad of options to select from on the subject of software program vendors to help you locate the high-quality, we have cultivated a listing of the exceptional survey and questionnaire software in 2021. These tools assist you to create surveys, polls, quizzes, and net forms, which are then disbursed to product customers to behaviour market studies, or request remarks and evaluations.

Before we dive into our listing, let's discover some of the vital capabilities you may want to peer from any survey tool.

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Vital features for a Survey tool

You could send out surveys via pop-united states on your website or email blasts, but all survey tools ought to have a few crucial traits:

  • Allowthe advent and customization of questions
  • Accumulate, file, and archive reactionrecords
  • Be shareable and distributable

Whilst those are the most common functions, it's usually a great concept to apprehend what the use cases may be in your survey software program. This may help you decide whether you need a tool with greater latest features.
A number of the expert survey equipment will permit for features along with:

  • Intelligentsurvey good judgment: customers can skip sure components of the survey, primarily based on preceding
  • Piping: Insert answertextual content from a preceding query in another question.
  • Randomization: Randomize the order of your questions, so that customers aren’t tempted to selectthe first alternative simply due to
  • Querymorphing: While dealing with complicated surveys and more than one answer question, it's useful to trade the kind of question you’re building, instead start new.

Subsequent, let's discover some of the top-rated survey software program and questionnaire tools on the market nowadays.

Which online survey feature or questionnaire tool is right for you?

Selecting an appropriate online survey software or questionnaire tool for your business may be quite intricate – specifically considering how a lot of this software is being brought to the market. There also are a few distinctions among the functions you get hold of with the paid version versus the free version. Here’s what to look out for!
Generally, paid variations of online survey software provide added competencies 


  • Survey logic: paid toolsoftenoffer the choice to add a follow-up question. That is based totally on the answer you’ve provided to the preceding question. That is additionally referred to as query
  • Export data: Numerous tools won’t let youexport your survey information– unless you start using the paid version.
  • Custom logo: Looking todo away withthe survey tool’s emblem and make it your very own? With most paid versions this is within reach.
  • More types of questions: However, free survey tools offer a lot of query sorts, inclusive ofa couple ofpreferences, rankings, drop-downs and radio buttons, paid variations tend to offer even 

In 2022 Best Tools for Survey Software & Questionnaire

With many selections around, which of the modern-day survey software program tools in meet your genuine needs? It isn’t enough that you get it without cost if you want to optimize effects. A few answers are exceptional for consumer behaviour, some for buying your Net Promoter Rating (NPS), a few for product development and nonetheless, others for all. You furthermore might need to don't forget wherein to distribute your surveys, with the top communication channels being social media, emails, and websites. Most significantly, it must help you precisely grab purchaser sentiment and conduct which has appreciably changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, a McKinsey survey discovered that 76% of clients say they have modified wherein and the way they keep because of the pandemic.


Then there’s the query of scalability. You’ll be a small enterprise today, but how approximately the day after today? If you’re a quick-growing startup, it’s excellent to get a survey tool or any answer for that matter - which could grow with you and assist you to grow to be agile in these unsure instances. As we’ve stated in our complete survey software program guide, the last thing you need is to shift to some other platform midway into your increase years.

But earlier than you get ahead of yourself, maintain in mind survey software program tools are what they're: tools. You need to frame your survey properly, and to try this, you must have a clear purpose and observe excellent practices for formulating questionnaires.

The use of such structures also enables you to live clear of these not unusual survey errors, which include main questions, assumptions, and starting with demographics. Even as the usage of such structures, it additionally pays to bear in mind survey research ethics on your statistics to be credible.

  1. Survey Anyplace

Survey Anyplace takes the guesswork out of making a custom experience. It acquires your questions spoke back and makes it clean to provide something returned in your respondents.

Customers consist of Capgemini, Eneco, Accor lodges, and lots of midsize consulting agencies and companies. Those groups select Survey anywhere because of its wide range of functions. As an example, the formulas function allows you to do calculations within your survey to present respondents with even greater insightful remarks and deliver a customized PDF document.

It offers a white-label alternative if you want a fully branded survey and a huge variety of integrations to attach easily together with your existing online device stack. With Survey Anyplace, you can easily deliver respondents to your CRM or email advertising device and start building nurturing campaigns.

Cost: Critical Plan, $39/month consistent with the user; expert Plan, $59/month in keeping with the user; enterprise Plan pricing to be had on request.

  1. Mopinion

Mopinion gather comments and turns them into actionable statistics that offer digital advertising groups a greater perception of the voice of the client.

Mopinion permits its users to create customizable online comments bureaucracy (consisting of numerous CX metrics which include NPS, CES, and CSAT) and trigger them based totally on rules along with mouse motion, time on page, exit reason and much extra.

It is usually comprehensive visualization in customizable dashboards, textual content analysis, and smart labelling talents. To act upon comments or collaborate amongst individuals of your virtual crew, users can employ proactive alerts and role-based perspectives, and hook up with PM tools such as Trello or Asana.

Cost: Increase Plan, $299/month in keeping with the user; turbo growth Plan, $579/month in line with the user, and employer Plan available on request.


  1. Nicereply

 Nicereply has been around for some time and affords groups with tools to construct patron satisfaction surveys, net Promoter rating surveys, and patron effort rating surveys. The tool integrates with many famous CRMs together with HubSpot, Salesforce, and Zendesk, and has analytics and monitoring features.

Nicereply has a lovely interface, however, it's also effortlessly customizable without any coding vital. While maximum person reviews are fantastic, some clients do be aware of the lack of a mobile app for Nicereply.

Cost: Mini Plan, $39/month in line with the user; begin Plan, $ seventy-nine/month according to person; develop a plan, 159$/month in line with the person; marketing strategy, 239$/month in line with the person.


  1. SurveyLab

 SurveyLab is an online survey tool and questionnaire software that ables you to create surveys, automate reaction series, and generate reports.

The device also permits multiple facts collection channels, together with computer/PC, cellular, SMS, QR Code surveys, and multi-language aid. It merges with maximum CRM and helpdesk structures. Most users recognize the manner the dashboard is arranged, and the way clean it's far to put up surveys.

Cost: Starter Plan, $49/month in line with the user; superior Plan, 39$/month per consumer, expert Plan, $249/month according to person; enterprise Plan to be had on request.


  1. Centiment

Centiment is a modern integrated tool you could use to survey almost any client or B2B target market. This all-integrated-one survey solution permits integration without difficulty with the built-in integrated customer and B2B survey respondents integrated 100+ international locations and collect responses the usage of integrated any built-in survey device (or Centiment's very own tool). You may survey the employer's audience Panel (a community of respondents) or buy a license to survey your very own personnel or customers.

Cost: based on pattern size, survey duration, and audience built-in. See built-in for greater statistics.


  1. Delighted

 Delighted gives a diffusion of approaches you may gather comments on your service or product, together with NPS, customer pleasure, customer service effectiveness, stars, smileys, and thumbs up/down. You can survey customers by e-mail, SMS, or a link, and the remarks arrive in real-time.
Customers tend to say how clean it miles to navigate via this app’s configuration. And if help is wished, Delighted gives astounding customer service to help you create a higher workflow with the sort of big survey pool.
Cost: Free; top-class Plan $224/month in step with the user; top rate Plus Plan, $449/month in keeping with the person.


  1. SoGoSurvey 

SoGoSurvey is a robust survey solution that prides itself as a one-click on survey creation tool. Surveys designed by the software program can be shared and downloaded with the device making survey effects a lot less difficult to apprehend. A majority of these may be performed even with the aid of new customers, as learning to apply the product calls for no steep getting to know curve. You can right now provide yourself with your very own surveys by the use of the pre-constructed templates that include the device, which can be copied immediately into surveys.

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SoGoSurvey is a characteristic-laden software, bringing with it around six hundred functionalities that might be assured that will help you come up with correct survey results every time. You can formulate and revise your questionnaires primarily based on what you want and want, upload and delete questions as you desire or even alternate the language, depending on your target respondents. However, what’s fantastic about this tool is that it may keep questions disappear till as time that they’re wanted. Finished surveys may be previewed on cell devices, capsules, or desktops.


SoGoSurvey is best for small businesses due to following reasons:

  • In an affordable price range, it is being offered.
  • It has a free version.
  • It doesn’t need extra software, it is easy to set up.
  • It is highly instinctive, terminating the need to hire experts in the survey.


  1. Pollfish

Pollfish is a self-service market research tool giving actual-time responses from clients international. It permits you to create surveys fast and successfully. The poll enhances over six hundred million customers globally so that you have a big potential reach.

But, with this kind of big survey pool, it's crucial to check segmentation abilities to make sure you're acquiring the perception you require for your specific enterprise. The device is first-class and used to be used in cases like constructing personas, and ideas trying out NPS or online reviews of programs.

Cost: Fundamental Plan, $95 consistent with the survey; Elite Plan available on request.

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  1. YesInsights

 YesInsights is a client remarks device that lets you get on the spot consumer remarks by NPS surveys throughout all platforms - inclusive of email, weblog posts, and social media. Customers are inspired by how versatile the surveys are, and how easy it's far to personalize them. In Addition, the device offers lots of integrations, making it less complicated to attain greater clients.

Cost: Solo Plan, $20/month in step with the user; critical Plan, $79/month in step with the person; professional Plan, $149/month according to consumer; and organization plan to be had on request.


  1. Startquestion

 Startquestion is a system for generating questionnaires, starting from simple surveys to superior forms. It has over 50 styles to customize, authorizes you to ship surveys as a link or in an e-mail, and has analytics and reporting export features.

Startquestion has a completely smooth-to-use interface, and users are most grateful for the pre-made survey options.

Cost: Start Plan, $49/month per consumer; business plan, 99$/month per consumer, team Plan, $199/month per person; corporation Plan to be had on request.

  1. BirdEye

BirdEye is a SaaS platform that allows companies to get toward customers. Its survey answer captures real-time feedback and rankings throughout multiple channels, such as review sites, social media, and surveys.

This all-in-one software program includes overview tracking, overview era, overview advertising, client surveys, social, assist ticketing, listings, webchat, enterprise insights, and competitive benchmarking. Most users admire both the rate and simplicity of use of this survey device – In addition, it does not have a big getting to know curve, so that you can get started at once.

Cost: Available on request

  1. Google Forms

If you are new to growing surveys and questionnaires, you may already be using Google forms; it is the novice's go-to option and one of the most popular unfastened online survey gear available.
Google forms give an extensive range of options for online surveys. In case you've used a few Google products earlier than, which includes Google Sheets, then you’ll haven't any problem putting in place a Google form.

  1. HotJar

HotJar creates comments and analytics tools to enhance your internet site visitor enjoyment. It gives polls, surveys, warmness maps, conversion funnels, form evaluation, and even checks users. As HotJar is generally contemplated as a platform for internet site optimization, it nevertheless offers mind-blowing survey functions to collect consumer comments. In addition, HotJar gives some of its functions at no cost so you can strive for it before purchasing any extra features.

Cost: primary Plan, free; Plus Plan, $39/month per user; marketing strategy, 99$/month consistent with the consumer; Scale Plan, $389/month in line with the user.

  1. Arbit

Arbit is a survey and market research platform that links you together with your target market.

The enterprise sources respondents to ensure that you acquire the very best-quality responses for the most cost-efficient rate. Team of Arbit also provide consultative offerings each to help you construct your surveys and better observe the data and analytics, offering each a DIY platform and a DIWY (Do-It-With-You) platform and carrier, relying on your enterprise's desires.

Customers rate this device as cost-effective. At the same time as there are some proceedings about the dashboard settings, it is not anything that damages the workflow.

Cost: to be had on request.

  1. Typeform

Typeform enables you to gather feedback, signal people up for events, get hold of process packages, take payments, and create engaging quizzes or interactive stories. Customers love the intuitive interface, the app's layout, and the interface's ease of use.

Cost: Primary Plan, $25/month in keeping with the person; Plus Plan, 50$/month consistent with the user, marketing strategy $83/month according to the consumer.

  1. Zoho Survey

Budget is always a thing for the small business, in that case, Zoho Survey needs to belong in your top options. It comes free for limitless surveys, ten questions, and a hundred responses. It additionally features over two hundred templates and helps with social sharing, actual-time responses, and net embed. Security additionally does justice for your enterprise with HTTP encryption and password protection.
But, it's far probable those features aren’t sufficient if you have a massive target market base. You can usually pass for paid plans beginning at 20$ consistent with the month, nonetheless a shoo-in for price range-aware agencies. These consist of unlimited surveys, questions and responses, collaboration equipment, and exports to a ramification of file formats which includes PDF, XLS, CSV, and SPSS. You may additionally expect extra state-of-the-art gear in its business enterprise plan, inclusive of piping logic, white-label, CRM integration, and user management.
The survey software program is one of the best free equipment rounds, however, on the employer stage, it lacks the more experienced tool of Qualtrics. Endure in mind that insight is wanted in case your commercial enterprise is developing rapidly.

Here are some features that make Zoho Survey is good for small businesses:

  • One of the robust tools throughout it is free.
  • Scales to middle range attributes like user management, integration of CRM and piping logic.
  • The Zoho suite of productivity integrates tools of business like help desk, tools for collaboration and CRM.
  • For paid subscription of 20$ per month, it has one of the lowest price entries.
  • 17. Qualaroo

 Qualaroo is a SaaS business that ables corporations to benefit from precious insights from its possibilities and clients in real-time. Knowledge of the “why” allows pressure higher business effects - from enhancing your web conversion rate to growing product engagement and lowering churn. Most users are glad about how easy it is to work with Qualaroo surveys. In addition, they find the tools and export abilities corresponding uncomplicated.
Qualaroo gives an interesting method of measuring consumer comments referred to as "Sentiment Analysis" with the aid of IBM's artificial intelligence, Watson. By using AI in its method, Qualaroo can acquire customers’ opinions, quickly determine the facts, and offer pointers for improvement. Given its features, Qualaroo is one of the greater state-of-the-art gear on the market, and the charge tag displays that.

Cost: Essentials Plan, $eighty/month according to user; top rate Plan, 160$/month per user; organization to be had on request.

  1. SurveyMonkey

 When you have some price range for online surveys and are looking for an extra expert survey software program. You need to virtually take a look at SurveyMonkey. It is an amazing Google forms alternative devoted to growing CX, HR, advertising and IT surveys for each expert and individuals who desire to get feedback from customers, personal or customer.

SurveyMonkey has each free Trial and free model but has very limited opportunities. Users can create and ship a survey with up to ten questions and gather as many responses as they need, but with view-only get admission to 40 responses consistent with the survey.

SurveyMonkey is an online survey device that users recognize often for a wide range of functions, the most crucial of which, in our opinion, are:

  • Customizable forms
  • Questions of 21 types
  • Survey data analysis features
  • By email sending questionnaires
  • By link (URL customization) sending surveys
  • Survey of mobile
  • Forms of various language
  • Collection of offline response
  • Question Branching
  • Reporting
  • Display logic/skip logic
  • Analysis of trend
  • Integration of third party (Microsoft Teams, Facebook Workplace, Salesforce, Slack, other CRM, Google Drive and others)

SurveyMonkey makes the advent of the survey as easy as a possible way to over 250 prepared to apply survey templates. Users can find many templates in different classes like customers, education, personnel, activities, healthcare, marketplace research and Nonprofit. The most popular examples of surveys are, among others: Product trying out, employee engagement, occasion feedback, internet promoter score (NPS), training demographics or customer support feedback.

This survey software program provides its customers with an assist by way of chat, e-mail, assist desk, knowledge base on the website and speaking to support. Users can get to understand the net survey device additionally in the course of video training and webinars.


  1. HubSpot

 As an activity centre for advertising and marketing and customer support specialists, HubSpot includes its online survey tools on its platform. HubSpot lets organizations acquire comments from clients with surveys, Net Promoter Scores (NPS), Customer effort score surveys (CES), and customer satisfaction surveys (CSAT). The tool is without difficulty customizable and lets you select the quality kind of survey for your purpose. In addition, you could use the analytics and reporting tools to proportion precious insights with the rest of your organization.

Cost: provider Hub starts loose; Starter Plan, $35/month in step with the user; expert Plan (with customer remarks equipment), $360/month.


  1. SmartSurvey

SmartSurvey is a flexible survey-making tool that is consumer-friendly and has an expansion of features that make it special. Users can select from over 20 question kinds and customize the branding and layout of their survey.

With this tool, it is smooth to grasp the basics at the same time as still leaving room to develop with greater advanced features. As an example, it also has good judgment and automation tools that may distribute and customize your survey to optimize its performance.

Cost: Fundamental Plan, free; expert Plan, $41.25/month in step with the consumer; business plan, 82.49$/month consistent with the consumer; enterprise Plan available on request.


  1. Jotform

Jotform is a survey tool which facilitates organizations, nonprofits, healthcare and academic establishments to collect and manipulate remarks. It’s regularly defined as a Typeform alternative, due to it being even easier to apply and fundamental plans in both of these survey tools are available at an identical price. Jotform has both a free trial and free plan, which allows users to apply a hundred MB available area, create most five surveys per month and get a thousand month-to-month survey views.


By the users of Jotform some features and functions that are most appreciated:

  • Questions of more than 15 types
  • Survey to PDF conversion
  • Branding customization
  • Digital Signature
  • Survey encryption
  • The search for the full text
  • Survey of mobile
  • By link distribution
  • By email distribution
  • Response collection offline
  • Question branching
  • Automation of workflow


The alternative benefit of the Jotform online survey software program is providing the users easy get right of entry to over 1300 (!) prepared to apply survey templates. Users can select examples from many specific categories, along with templates for enterprise, As an example: employee Surveys or Satisfaction surveys, and templates for private use like courting Surveys or wedding bureaucracy. Jotforms additionally gives its users many quiz and polls templates.
You can contact JotForm support through email, chat, or phone or look for answers to your questions in the help table or the FAQ section in the consumer guide.


  1. Qualtrics

 Qualtrics is regularly described as a SurveyMonkey opportunity. The two survey tools to be sure have lots in the commonplace. Like all online survey software programs

described above, Qualtrics is a user-friendly, smooth to use net-primarily based device which changed made to conduct survey studies, evaluations and different statistics series sports. Qualtrics is defined as the right tool for businesses of any length who need to behaviour consumers, employees, marketplace, emblem or advertising research.

If you think about some superior features, you need to create a survey. Qualtrics in all likelihood has it. This survey software program gives its users various options and superior opportunities each even as growing, analyzing and reporting survey effects. Right here we list some of the most famous functions:


  • Notifications and alerts
  • Target audience (targeting of the audience)
  • Benchmarking
  • Tools of data analysis
  • Data collection survey
  • Analysis of funnel
  • Heatmaps
  • Analytics of media
  • By email and link survey
  • Monitoring of social media
  • Mobile survey
  • Statistics and reporting
  • Surveys of various language
  • Response collection offline
  • Question library
  • Question branching
  • Integrations of the third party (By 500 apps integration of Typeform such as Zapier, Google Sheets, Slack, Mailchimp, and Google Sheets).


The customers can be looking for help and recommendation from Qualtrics professionals via e-mail, chat, or by way of telephone or they could search for answers by themselves at the help desk or within the FAQ section in the user guide.

What is our opinion is the most important gain of Qualtrics is a very huge preference of equipped to apply, professional survey templates from every kind of middle research reviews, along with brand experience, customer feedback, customer experience, employee revel in, experience management and experience of the product. Groups of each length and price range can discover their equipped to apply examples of purchaser and worker satisfaction surveys.


  1. ProProfs Survey Maker

 ProProfs Survey Maker has one of the low rate entries for paid plans at 7$ in keeping with the month, and one of the maximum robust at its rate variety. It gives you unlimited surveys, responses, admin manipulation, branching, and pass logic. It also features survey scoring, NPS, in-app survey, popup survey and an advanced reporting tool. Then there are greater features: white-label, limitless private consumer money owed, limitless organization and schoolroom, integrations, and centrally managed employer.

If the features aren’t sufficient, you could bump up the plan for multilingual surveys, certificates, and ad-free runs. All plans assist in embedding videos, pictures and photographs, social percentage on FB and Twitter and iPad, and different mobile devices get entry. ProProfs does provide other freemiums top competition, but it can lack in-intensity research equipment, which you could now not need besides.


Some features of ProProfs Survey Maker that make it good for business:

  • It is flexible for events, businesses and schools.
  • For paid plans at 7$ monthly, it has possible the low price of entry.
  • One of the most robust features set of this is the basic plan, providing freemiums hard competition.


  1. Examinare Survey Tool

 If reliability is a pinnacle aspect of your consideration, the Examinare Survey tool is well worth the eye. It has ten years of experience in handling remarks, questionnaires, and commercial enterprise statistics. To be sure, it nevertheless boils right down to pricing and functions. Its access plan isn’t reasonably-priced but affordable for a small business at $45 consistent with a person consistent with the month (the scholar version starts at $34 consistent with a consumer per month). You get a take a look at run for seven days, three surveys, and templates. In addition, you get assistance by e-mail, chat, and contact.

You furthermore may get a ramification of question sorts from a couple of preferences to unfastened text to gradient scale and Osgood-scale. You may add commands, photos, and sound files and put up questionnaires as bureaucracy. You’ll just like the flexibility of its survey paperwork, arguably one of the excellent within the subject via feature, design, and distribution (e-mail, SMS, Facebook, cell, QR code, and net).


Why Tool of Examinare Survey is good for small type businesses:

  • In the survey trade with over ten years, it has trusted reliability.
  • By design, function and distribution it has a highly flexible survey.
  • By email, chat and mobile phones it has good support.


  1. QuestionPro

 But every other free survey tool with paid plans, QuestionPro is a good option to our pinnacle survey software program tips should they don’t meet your unique needs. It's far both smooth to run, and it doesn’t cost you. Beginning a survey is as simple as developing one from a query kind template or uploading a phrase file. But it doesn’t mean the features are proscribing. You get limitless surveys, ten questions every, and 100 responses. Plus, the survey is cellular responsive, and you get a reliable guide.

The software additionally scales to a professional plan at $15 in keeping with the month to give you advanced tools like pass common sense, Q&A piping, theme custom, facts export, and international password safety. Should your small business grow huge, you can scale to a corporate plan without a hitch.


QuestionPro is good for small businesses for the following reasons:

  • The fast growth of startups scales to the tools of the enterprise.
  • For more professional surveys paid plans are affordable.
  • Standard template surveys it is free and good enough.


  1. Confirmit

It’s far designed for the Voice of the consumer and Voice of the employee studies version, as well as for marketplace studies packages. Even as it sounds complicated for most small businesses wishes, it's far an ought to-have platform for organizations and consulting firms that work around those regions, so, sure, this applies to small businesses. You could anticipate area of interest equipment right here, which includes multi-channel distributions thru CAPI, telephone, web, mobile, or even paper. You may customize pictures, and multimedia and take a look at running your surveys. Likewise, it has superior analytics that could optimize unstructured comments statistics. A majority of these capabilities point to a complicated survey platform, something to think about if your desires are out of the standard popular surveys.


Confirmit is good for small businesses for many reasons like:

  • Specialized survey tools like deep analytics and multi-channel distribution give access to small businesses without breaking the bank.
  • Survey design and distribution are very flexible.


  1. AskNicely

 AskNicely is anchored on NPS or net promoter rating. NPS is a good metric that measures client loyalty. In case you’re into this survey technique, this software may be your best option on our list. It provides the tools to able you to gauge respondents based on NPS, inclusive of promoters, passives, and detractors.

The access price may be hard for small agencies at $299 per month. However, it has your precise requirement covered: survey branching, score gadget, full-text analytics, API get admission to, and multi-lingual guide. You furthermore might get a dedicated account manager. This software is very precise, so if you simply want a widespread survey, this can get high priced.


AskNicely is good for small businesses for some reasons like:

  • This software fulfils your needs if you specifically need an NPS survey.
  • Feature of sophisticated NPS set for per month cost that makes it simple to maintain the flow of cash.


  1. Survicate

Survicate is a good addition to your email campaigns, as it can supply consumer delight surveys and helps net optimization. It may also take care of surveys for product improvement and aid your advertising and marketing communication with ground insights. As with most survey equipment right here, it comes with a free plan wherein you can acquire as many as 50 responses consistent with the month, plus internet site and email distribution. You furthermore might get the right of entry to reporting, conditional query branching, and GDPR compliance.

If these functions are proscribing, you could scale to paid plans for Voice of the client solution, the usage of superior concentrated on, information get entry to records, and integration with more systems. You have extra client enjoy management software options right here in case you’re fascinated, but this app is right to go as a survey device for the reason of our list.


Survicate is best for small kinds of businesses:

  • With more than the standard tool, it has a free plan having web and email distribution and more than 50 responses monthly and GDPR compliance.
  • It can scale to tools that most small businesses require for marketing campaigns nothing sophisticated.


  1. Alchemer 

The software program without problems scales to greater advanced tools like regulations with the aid of quota, shape, studies methodology, and question type. Premium plans additionally characteristic records cleaning and researcher custom guidelines.


Alchemer is good for small businesses for some reasons:

  • For support and knowledge base active online community.
  • On one side of the freemium, it has flexible three paid plans able to meet your growing requirements more accurately.
  • It can scale to enterprise needs.


Wrapping Up

Each of these dozen survey tools has its respective value proposition to small organizations. If the price range is in real tight, you can go for their

free plans (but it virtually won’t be sufficient for your developing desires). We have to additionally be aware that even in case you’re a small commercial enterprise, don’t suppose like one. Examine developing your enterprise rapid. In that context, ensure your tools can grow along with your wishes and that assist you to weather the demanding situations of the brand new regular.

Irrespective of the software, in preferred, your survey platform has to have the middle functions of a survey platform: an expansion of query types, dynamic common sense, templates, and facts evaluation. If so, we rather recommend SoGoSurvey. It has a free plan, which makes it a terrific choice for small organizations however it additionally offers a system flexible sufficient for massive enterprises.
In case you need to further explore your options, this contrast of survey structures would possibly be available in on hand for you. Via this, you can see how every software program stacks in opposition to the competition.


There’s an entire global of survey and questionnaire tools waiting with a purpose to explore. Be sure to figure out what functions you need in a survey software device so you select one which assessments all of the marks for capability.





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