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Connection between Millennial Audience & Trade Show Marketing

Millennials are the newest target audience for many companies and small business looking to build more success. This young group of consumers are happy to try new products if you use the right marketing strategies. Marketing to millennials is not quite the same as marketing to previous generations, what with new innovations in technology and complete shifts in the social dynamic shifting everything in just a few years. This has huge implications for trade shows and similar events all over the continent.


The largest living generation was once the Baby Boomers, but millennials have taken over and are here to stay for a while as the biggest target audience. Those categorised into this group are between 18-35 years of age as of 2015, and may be the very first generation not to engage with or to even require traditional institutions. By the year 2020, 42 percent of Australia’s workforce is predicted to be made up of millennials, with 4.2 million currently living on the continent.

These men and women grew up in a culture enriched by the Internet and mobile technology, something earlier generations have trouble keeping up with at the same speed. This generation is one that demands constant access, regularly owns more than one piece of connected technology, and is more likely to speak to a person virtually than face-to-face. If all of that is true, how is a company to use its trade show display to stand out to those of this generation?

Their Influence

Millennials directly and indirectly influence the purchases and actions of others by commenting on and reviewing businesses both online and offline. With the right marketing strategy, these outspoken men and women will happily make it known to the world just how great your products, services, or employment methods were by their own experience. A positive brand experience will become a good source of revenue for you through anyone connected to your clients, while a bad experience could have the opposite effect.


Trade shows can be targeted to either consumers or businesses, but millennials will exist in both audiences. You need to create an experience that will appeal to the preferences of this generation while not alienating the generations that came before them. This can be challenging, and only companies capable of adapting can truly find the success craved from this unique generation of men and women.

Trade shows are the source of new beginnings, where companies exhibit some of the newest, most innovative, and greatest products, services, career opportunities, and more. One great thing for a company attending this type of event is that millennials are known to flock to such events in large groups. These ambitious individuals are willing to do anything to stay ahead of the competition and find access to the latest advances, which is great news for your company if you get the marketing strategy right.

Create Relationships

Attendees can find some booths difficult to approach, especially if those staffed inside do not appear attentive, or possibly worse, far too attentive for that person’s liking. This is your opportunity to build a relationship with the millennials visiting your booth, and you must encourage your staff to consider each interaction a long-term investment. Even if you do not sell something to a guest at your booth right then and there, the positive impression you give could gain their business in the future.

The best way to create a great relationship with the millennials you meet is to avoid marketing to a large percentage of them at once in lieu of a more direct and individualised approach. Engage this audience in small groups or by individuals using two-way communications since this generation is one with the desire to interact with brands on a more personal level. It matters to them to be heard over the others as well as to have timely, straightforward, and personal communication about their experiences in life and concerns.

Whenever you can, utilise instant content marketing such as including images of your events and posting on social media sites. Video calls are a great way to create a real-time interaction window with those watching that will encourage them to participate. Finally, all of your information should be smart, personalised content with relevant alerts that do not make the viewer feel pressured.