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Best 35 Website Designs Inspiration and Ideas in 2022

Online opportunities follow with the development of technology. Since the dawn of the internet comes innovative websites that sets a new standard for web designs. Creating a website is a big decision that involves many small decisions to make the website more attractive to visitors. But the major decision is to design the website. According to SWEOR “it takes 50 milliseconds for the users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they like your website or not, whether they’ll stay or leave.” Well, it’s a fact that web design matter a lot in getting visitors' attention. It is rightly said by someone that “The first impression is the last impression, sometimes you never get a second chance.”

We have showcased a list of best websites designs that won best web design awards. These websites are examples of beautiful designs, colour palettes, information architecture and easy interface. It is a difficult task to find the best website design but the below-mentioned list surely inspires you.

Best website Designs

These sites stand out for creativity, masterful features and productive user experience.

  1. Superlist
  2. FinPrint
  3. IBM
  4. Hyer
  5. In the Gold We Trust
  6. Swab the world
  7. Yantra
  8. Newest Americans
  9. HERoines
  10. Spotify Design
  11. Andy Warhol `
  12. Noni Ceramica
  13. Human Interaction Company
  14. Garoa Skincare
  15. 1917: In the Trenches
  16. The Octopus
  17. Nomadic Tribe
  18. Diana Danieli
  19. George Nakashima Woodworkers
  20. trading
  21. Southwest: Heart of Travel
  22. Overflow
  23. Frans Hals Museum
  24. Simply Chocolate
  26. Rainforest Guardians
  27. Quonota
  28. FPP
  29. Beauvoir
  30. The Teacher’s Guild
  31. Feed
  32. ETQ
  33. The Teachers Guild
  34. Feed
  35. Mikiya Kobayashi

Award-Winning Websites

  1. Superlist

Individuals and teams can change the strategy of work by Superlist as it is a productive app. As you get on the homepage, with Superlist you know exactly what to expect. Its homepage shows the work associates like the print copy, keyboard clear and headphones.

To keep concentration on copy Superlist use white space. It has an arrow icon to indicate a small button that helps in navigation, by scrolling down you can see more options. Keep engaged you learn more about this and enjoy its features.

  1. FinPrint

FinPrint was awarded as the “best website of the day” by CSS. FinPrint has one of the best website designs that grab the attention of the users, especially on the carbon footprints generated for a particular variety of seafood or mode of transportation. FinPrint guides the users by the game on how to choose seafood, transport that affects the carbon dioxide levels.

This website has fantastic colour combinations, cool graphics and comprises games to guide the users. Parallax and effects and illustrations make the site outstanding.

  1. IBM

IBM is the award-winning website in 2021, when you land on its homepage you can see clearly why this website won the best design award. Captivating experience is the best way to briefly describe any website. To keep the visitors engaged and IBM has visual as well as auditory elements.

The homepage of IBM grabs the attention of visitors with its large title and well-balanced page have small description with bold blue CTA. As complex as AI, IBM explains by using visual storytelling how Watson tools work. Through video game functions, viewers can survey three stories and learn further about the tool. This is an amazing way to engage visitors in a d complicated topic.

  1. In the Gold We Trust: Best Online store

This website has a beautiful homepage that can facilitate ideal shopping experiences for its visitors. The Gold We trust has a well-defined navigation menu, substantial image gallery, and elegant experience for users that attract visitors to shop from this website.

This website offers a 10% coupon when users sign up or add an email to this website for listing.

  1. Hyer

Hyer won the best website of the month in 2022 by CSS designs awards. Hyer makes a strong impression on its visitors. It grabs the visitor's attention by striking graphics of planes that move slowly down.

It has an effective homepage that has everything you need including easy navigation, clear CTA, an image that tells a story, a tagline and use of white space. Visitors can easily learn about the brand as it has a clean interface with no interruption.

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  1. Swab the World

Swab the World has bold colours, negative space shape, and parallax. It won the award of “Site of the Day” by Awwwards in 2020. This website is to spread awareness of cell donations. The goal of the organization is to “make sure every single patient finds their match.” To a historically complex and scientific process, photos of couples reveal love and emotions that bring human elements.

When designing moving down pages feel natural, from a technical perspective ensures that the visitors reach each point of copy on the home screen.

  1. Yantra: Restaurant Website

Yantra is a restaurant website elegant and slightest that allows high-quality images of their dishes and the interior of the restaurant. Visitors will know when they thoroughly visit the website what they want in terms of quality, atmosphere and food.

Visitors can make a reservation and get an order in no time through this site.

  1. Newest Americans

An organization that has the responsibility of past, present and future migrating identities requires a functional website to help people. In cities across the state of New Jersey, New Americans have immigrant experiences. Its website has a beautiful interface of places, people that represent it more beautiful down the homepage, and telling stories related to America's new citizens.

It has a simple navigation bar, which is visually appealing and functional, recent articles appear on the front and stories assemble with photos.

  1. HERoines: non-profit website

This website has is a non-profit, it organize programs for women and its site design is informative and accomplished encouraging characters. HERoines has a feminine colour combination and metaphor imagery seen throughout the site that shows the cohesive brand image.

Using story and mission HERoines draw support and visitors are encouraged to participate, support their cause, and donate.

  1. Spotify Design

Spotify is famous for its achieving its fair share of startling feats and its recent monotony of Spotify. Design is also similar. Spotify serves as the hub for all visual things and creativity and its giant music podcast makes this app so sensational.


Drop shadows, creative animations and the colour combination make this website more attractive. The geometric design with abstract accents makes these albums blow out the screen.

  1. Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol the artist, film director and producer life summarized in a magnificent website that represents his hairstyle in a digital format. As you move the cursor on the website, every image converts into a negative image or changes the colour of the text you read.

Its website has bold and big text that makes a statement to highlight how significant is the website design. As you go through the home page you see subtle animations and tone for each section.

  1. Noni Ceramica: Mobile website

Noni Ceramica is a mobile website that is perfect as it has everything a user needs related to this site. It has an easy navigation menu bar, highlighted shop option that leads to a cart and customer service has a chat feature.

Global internet accounting 52% of mobile devices. This site has provided an amazing experience for smartphone users.

  1. Human Interaction Company

Human Interaction Company is a Red Dot Design Award Winning lighting fast website to watch videos. You are directly dropped into the action of what the team of Human Interaction does. Its main objective is to bring human study interlinkage to the masses and engage to learn more about it.

On the website no photos are made through photoshop, they build quality with the available resources.

  1. Garoa Skincare

Garoa Skincare's website can lead the extravagance about any product you sell whether your product is half or thrice of the price of your competitor, this site provides the blueprint. This website has high-quality visuals, and typefaces that complement each other, with useful copy and a balance of negative space that can bring grace to the website.

  1. 1917: In the Trenches

This website promotes the film 1917, performs the same mission that happened in this film and allows you to walk throughout the trenches. It also allows you to access the tools and see maps.

This site leverages its content and writes a storyline to promote the film. By Awwwards this site won “Site of the day” which is voted by designer’s present great websites they visit daily.

  1. The Octopus: A design blog by IDEO

IDEO global design company, for its octopus blog this website won the Webby award for its Business blog Website in 2019. Its homepage design represents blog features black and white, a sleek Octopus and as a theme, you scroll it uses a yellow, black and white combination.  

The title of the blog post is highlighted in yellow when you hover. If you drift an image, the image attracts you, the big difference is creating two small features that engage the user experience.

  1. Nomadic Tribe

This site is one of the more engaging sites and won the award of “Site of the year” in 2019 by Awwwards. An amazing video playing begins immediately on Homepage, followed by stunning landscapes of man across a desert and text appears “Are you lucky enough to call yourself an adventurer? This website tells a complete story and is beautifully designed that has a strong regard for detail.

The home page is locally designed and ranges in commitment level from “Read More” to “Watch Now” and then “Download the App” with CTAs placed throughout. The content on the website is colourful yellow, orange and pink colour.

  1. Diana Danieli

This website with high variance shows off art and architecture and it is the winning side by Webby in 2019. You can change the variations and images by clicking and dragging your cursor when you visit the site. Each photo shows work that highlights the artist who grants the website.

This website has the cool feature of audio and music incorporation. Taping on certain buttons plays a piano note and drench in the Diana Danieli experience.

  1. George Nakashima Woodworkers

George Nakashima Woodworkers won the Webbie award in 2019. This website working highlights nature and woodworking trade care. It has beautiful images of forests and farming.  Quotes related to wood and tree comes up when the image comes on the screen.

This is fabulous relaxing to the visitors, highlights woodworkers and acknowledges the beauty of the environment and forest.

  1. trading

Crypton. trading won the site of the day award by Awwwards in 2018. This website is related to a trading hub for crypto currencies like Bitcoin, to predict the changes use artificial intelligence and check out selling and buying opportunities. Due to its design and development website rating is high to its explained methods of developers.

Crypton greeting appears on the home screen and tech-savvy visitors feel at home.

  1. Southwest: Heart of Travel

This website is called “Heart of Travel” and allows visitors on a trip to create artwork and plan on taking might be. So that’s why this website is a product of their loyal passengers. Southwest won the award of Best Visual Design in 2018 by Webby awards.

Southwest Airlines proved that customers were more than just a dollar sign, then created this website which assembled design by using the shapes of customer paths of flights. 

  1. Overflow

This website is a design tool that offers people to design stories of their ideas like flow diagrams to be easily understandable. Apart from being an excellent service, what it addresses it practices its. To download the tool it has vibrant red call to action buttons, website boosts its product in the best way.

In the form of a video, the website delivers a flow diagram. In the central part of the website design elements and embedded videos are placed. When visiting this site for the first time this website was perfectly placed.

  1. Lemonade

It is the website of the insurance company. This website to promote its services portrays giveaways and believes in its services. It won the “Best Website of the day” in 2019 from CSS due to its excellent typography and animation features.

This website loads its next page without clicking multiple tabs when you scroll down.

  1. Frans Hals Museum

It is difficult to place all of the artwork of a museum present on the website. Frans Hals Museum is impressive in this way. The museum located in the Netherlands has a website that has a combination of its exhibits and digital elements design. Visitors can enjoy this website as it has a mixture of design and artwork available so they get a complete taste of what museums have offered.

  1. Simply Chocolate

Simply chocolate is designed in this way, when someone looks at this website they’ll get the craving for chocolates. Simply chocolate won the “Site of the year” award by Awwwards in 2017. This website is of Denmark chocolate maker Simply chocolate, it has a variety of colours to represent each chocolate. In brand, they seem consistent when you move from one product to another.

Each chocolate on this website is three dimensional and it makes you feel you can grab it from your screen. While browsing there is the option “Add to Box” on the top left for users to choose the products.

  1. Homecult

Homecult won the award for “Best Website of the Day” in 2019 from CSS. This site is a business related to the interior design of homes. The website is simple, unobtrusive and easy to use. It has well-organized pages for home, projects, about us and contacts us.

This site allows easy to use navigation menu and breadcrumbs. The colour combination makes this site more attractive and gets the attention of visitors.  

  1. Quonota

It is an investment company that helps to determine team progress in any part of the world. For stakeholders and portfolio companies this site generates long term returns. This site is created by a London web design agency, this site uses modern, highly creative design and has a cutting edge.

This site is highly responsive with a clean flat design and gives complete brand awareness to the visitors about the whole journey. The website has been nominated by Awwwards, CSS winner and CSS design awards and this increased its traffic engagement by 300%.

  1. FPP

It is an online shopping website that caters shopping experience. In the store, you can scroll and see all the products yourself. FPP won the award for best UI and innovation by CSS. Instead of simple icons, for innovative ideas they used pineapples. This site has minimum use of colours and uses parallax effects in its display.

  1. Beauvoir

Beauvoir was awarded “Best Website of the day” by CSS. Aside from design, it has easy navigation, the best UX and UI, and breadcrumbs. Beauvoir is a creative agency, for content creation, HR marketing and advertising campaign.

Visitors can attract due to its high-quality videos and image posting. It has extraordinary scrolling features. Menu bars are placed on the side having a clear view of videos and images.

  1. Nest Wi-Fi

As the name indicates, Nest Wifi is related to Wifi that connects all devices in the home. This website is awarded by CSS in 2014 as “Best Website of the Day”. This site looks perfect by the use of smooth colours, easy scrolling and navigation, and high-quality images.

This website has a video to guide the users on how to use it and its device “Nest Wifi”. To convert visitors into customers using the ghost CTA button. As a whole, this website has a simple layout and design that makes it perfect.


This website won the “best cultural award” by Webby awards in 2017. Crowdsourcing makes this site an award winner. NOWNESS is a video site, all of its blogs are in video format. These characters make this website fascinating for the stories that every brand strives.

It is the site to increasingly way to publish content, which means most of its content comes from independent ways.

  1. Rainforest Guardians

It is one of the most non-profit fascinating websites of 2016. This site allows users to visit various villages, and build awareness, waterways, and natives to make up the Amazon rainforest. This site won the awards of “Best activism website” by Webby awards in 2016.

At the centre of user experience, this suits put interactivity, a wise option if you want to connect people and then convert them into a volunteer.

  1. The Teachers Guild

This website won the “Best Association Website award” by Webby Awards in 2016. The Teacher’s Guild is a professional community that marks some of the challenges of education. This site has balanced various content; programs, collaborations, approaches and solutions without enormous visitors.

They use white space that highlights written calls to action in the middle, also they have a visual prominent background.

  1. Feed

Feed is an interesting concept, it also has remarkable execution that understands visitors what is possible on the web and its challenges. It won the “site of the day” award in 2015 by Awwwards. It has a mixture of creative animation and video, site engages users. It has a variety of elements, including navigation as the scroll progresses double.

  1. Mikiya Kobayashi

With a minimalistic portfolio, Mikiya is a product designer that highlights their work with subtle animations and strong photography. This website is fully created in Japanese and then translated into English, which helps visitors to easily understand.

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Ideas for website design

Now you go through many beautifully designed websites and award-winning sites, when you create your website keep these ideas in your mind.

  • Keep in mind ideas that you can make unique and attractive websites like, “Beauvoir”.
  • The website you create also highlights the mobile experience, even if it has good UX on PC.
  • Add photos, and videos content that tells the story about your brand.
  • Ensure that your site is getting the attention of visitors and has easy call-to-actions.
  • The navigation bar must be easy to handle, visitors easily move back to the homepage.
  • Your social sites are integrated with sites so visitors can follow you also on other social media platforms and get updated.
  • Your web pages are consistent in design – have the same font, colour combination and images.
  • A chatbot option includes on the website so visitors can contact you and ask their queries.
  • To ensure your website is secure get an SSL certificate. It will help you to rank high in search.

Wrapping Up

This article lists the best-designed websites. There are many best website designs and many organizations like Awwwards, W3 Awards, and The Webby Awards which gave awards to the best website designs, UX, UI and other features. Once you make up your mind to create a website, website designing can be easy. Use these examples and then create a unique idea to design your website and make sure about layout, colour combination, and content are perfectly organized and easy to use interface by visitors.