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What is a media wall

Amongst the largest displays we offer are media walls. Popular for press releases, corporate conferences, and public events, they offer a large, repeatable backdrop that is perfect for situations when you need to display multiple logos behind a speaker or on-camera appearance.

What is a media wall?

Media walls consist of a printed graphic banner that is attached to metal feet along the base. The banner is most-often designed using logos that repeat in a consistent pattern. They provide a backdrop most often used for on-camera appearances where a professional, clean, branded look is needed. With a portable display case, they are easy to transport and set up whenever you need them.

When are media walls used?

Media walls can be used for any on-camera or public appearance, but are most often used for exhibitions, announcements, and award ceremonies. They can be designed to feature not only your brand’s name and logo, but any partners and sponsorships you are working with, as well.

Repeatable and consistent

Due to the structured nature of design, a step and repeat media wall can help create an extending backdrop that looks consistent from end to the next. The same pattern of logos and designs can repeat time and time again, so no section stands out as looking odd.

If you’re interested in using media walls for your next public, press, or corporate event, take a closer look at our product page. Multiple sizes, carry cases, and separate design and print options can help you perfect it for whatever your needs may be.