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Using Social Media To Promote Your Booth

If you’re planning to attend an upcoming trade show social media should be a big part of the plan. In modern day and age, social media is one of the best ways to reach out to your customers and new prospects. Social networking is the most popular activity in the US, and Americans spend an average of 37 minutes per day on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. So many people use Facebook that if it were a country, it would be the third most populous in the world, just after China and India.

Most trade shows and other events create hashtags to promote the event on Twitter and other social media platforms. Hashtags allow Twitter users to see all of the latest posts about a single topic with one click. Be sure to find out what the event’s specific hashtag is at least two to four weeks before the trade show, and include it in all of your company’s Tweets about the event.
Use social media to invite key players to visit your booth at the trade show. Send them an event invite on Facebook, Tweet at them on Twitter or send them a personalized message on LinkedIn. Examples of contacts you may want to ask include members of the press and new leads. You might even want to arrange an event like a special VIP dinner or post-show happy hour and then invite your contacts through social media.

If you are introducing a new product or service, making a company announcement, hosting a guest speaker or special event or offering an exclusive promotion at the trade show, consider creating a teaser video before the event. You can post this video to YouTube and then share it on other social networking sites. Be sure to include your hashtag and the event’s hashtag when you share the video on Twitter.