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Stand Out from the Crowd with Your Trade Show Flooring

When you get involved in trade show events, you are always seeking new ways to make your booth stand out from other booths at the show. One of the components that can automatically draw in a crowd is the flooring.

Have You Decided on the Floor for Your Booth?

People tend to notice booths that are active and interactive. So if you want your display to be a part of the movement at the event, it is important to include the right type of images and lighting. In order to make this happen, event exhibitors typically must use a truss-type system or electronics on a specialised flooring. An elevated floor is also sometimes used to hide expensive gadgetry or cords.

However, the above methods can also cost a sizable sum. So if you want to stay within your trade show budget, what do you do? Fortunately, innovations in flooring make it possible for trade show exhibitors to affordably lay a floor nowadays. This type of floor is constructed with liquid floor tiles. What makes this floor unique is that it changes in form when people walk over it. The colours replicate electronic lighting as well.

The Ideal Flooring for Budget-conscious Exhibitors

This type of floor is totally energy-efficient and compliant with most budgets. So if you pick this floor for your display, you do not have to worry about using electricity or involve yourself in any type of complex installation. The liquid floor tiles are also entirely transportable. So if you need to move the floor and your exhibit to another location, you can do so easily. It only takes few minutes to move such a floor.

The liquid in the tiles is made of food colouring and water, and is encased in a tile that is made of PVC. The tiles are safe to walk on too as they are made of a foam rubber backing that is designed to prevent slips or skids. Since they are made of a rugged plastic, the tiles are as interesting to view as they are durable.

Easy to Install and Remove

So if you want to enhance the looks of your booth space as well as draw in a crowd, you might consider this type of flooring. As noted, it is easy to install as it is to remove and can also be transported readily. You can store the titles away easily as well. Such storage means they can be ready for any trade show event on your schedule. Since they are lighter in terms of weight, they will not cause too much of a problem when they are disassembled or moved.

Do you want to add some pizzazz to your exhibit booth? If so, please consider using these interesting tiles. Chances are your competitors do not have this type of accessory in their own booths, so you will be ahead of the game by using the product. While you can add beautiful graphics and images in your booth, you can also show that you tend to think a little outside the box by adding these fun and friendly tiles.