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Trade Show Exhibit spaces are appointed based on an exhibitor’s participation in previous shows. Exhibitors who attended previously are contacted first and allowed to select their area. New exhibitors usually draw from what is left. Large exhibitors more than likely will have sizable island booths near the front of the event. Getting this prime location will make your Display among the first exhibits that show attendees visit. If you are unable to obtain these locations, you can also reap the benefits from activity at your prominent neighbor’s booth by getting as close as possible to their tradeshow booth. But, don’t get too close to your competitors; you want to have a reasonable distance so you can set yourself apart. Be proactive and, at events take a look at where your competitors place their visibility and then try to be in that vicinity.


The location is a large factor for a successful show, but not the only one. Promotion and having a clear marketing message drives traffic as well. Have a well-staffed booth to answer questions. Outfitting your staff with company clothing such as shirts gives a professional, polished look as well as further advertising if they walk the show themselves. Have plenty of mixed media available such as giveaways, catalogs, and pamphlets. Many companies meet with the event organizers and have their pamphlet or a give-away given to the show attendee as soon as they walk through the door. Visit your competitors, smart businesses look for inspiration everywhere, and there’s no place better to look than at the competition.

How large or how small your tradeshow booth should depend on many factors. What kind of space does your competition have, what’s your budget, how many attendees do you think the event will have, how many employees will staff your trade show booth, and how much space is required for your products, demos, meetings, etc. Growth is also an important aspect of making a choice. If your company is growing rapidly and it’s in your budget then maybe go larger like a 3x3m or a 6x6m island. A 3x3m Trade Show Display is the industry standard but, if you are not so sure and you want some flexibility 3x6m Truss Displays can be made into 10×10 and other options such as panels to change up the “look.”

Once you know your display size, consider these tips in making your selection:

All companies want to impress their attendees. Consider along with space, “your look.” The most important part of the tradeshow display look are your graphics, make sure yours pop and convey your message across to the prospective clients and Trade Show attendees.
Consider utilizing multimedia with interactive displays. Utilizing monitors with looping content or IPad kiosks with functionality that gets your message and product in front of their eyes can steer attendees towards your booth. IPad’s have functionality to place orders, run demos, collect survey data and can be set to go to your website, which is also why we recommend your employees carry an Ipad with them as well.
Lighted displays can give that extra “oomph” to an otherwise dull display. Consider backlit display or additional lighting to stand out from the crowd.

Adjustable displays such as the “Flip“ allow flexibility in booth space.
Literature racks provide an extra area of promotion if your booth experiences a lot of traffic. Sometimes customers don’t want to wait and can just pick up your catalog with an employee business card or contact info inside.
What’s your team size? If you have a small team then you’ll want to have a display that sets up quickly. You can also have your larger display set up professionally.
If you plan to have meetings at your space you can look into display rooms.
Display furniture allows you to sit with your clients and answer any questions they may have.
Rolling flooring and carpeting adds that final touch to your display and speaks to the full experience.