Impact Of Twitter On Trade Shows And Events

If you’re an event marketer, your goal is very simple: get your event trending on Twitter. Any trending event is a goldmine for sales and marketing opportunities. After you’ve spent hundreds of hours preparing for your event, there will be nothing more satisfying than seeing your event on the trending list.

So what’s the best way to get a chance at becoming a trending event on Twitter? It’s going to take a lot of work but if you follow some of these simple strategies, you might just make it to the trending list.

Brand Your Hashtag and Use it During the Event


If you’re not new to Twitter, you know that the only way to get traction on Twitter is to create conversations by using hashtags. If you create a singular hashtag, it’ll be really easy to track all of the conversations relating to your event.

Your hashtag should be unique to the event. You should use a keyword or phrase that is significant and relevant to the event. Be sure to put the hashtag on everything you can, from signs and banners to merchandise such as t-shirts and hats. Remember to encourage your attendees and speakers to use your hashtag every time that they tweet about anything relating to your event.

Get a Social Media Manager


Your hands are most likely going to be tied during the event. You need someone to be able to monitor the live Twitter feed at all times, schedule any planned tweets in advance, and be prepared to copy and paste answers to any questions that you might anticipate online. This way, once everything is set up, you can focus on the live feed.


Post Content with Attachments


Tweets containing attached images get 18% more clicks, more likes, and more retweets than plain tweets without images. You should never settle for boring tweets that won’t last. Instead, try posting pictures and videos of the event with subject manner ranging from pictures of attendees, videos of speakers, or even a livestream. If you’re too busy to post content during the event, get someone to do it for you.

Incentivise Hashtag Usage

If you’re worried about a lack of hashtag usage, all that you need to do is run a contest where attendees can become eligible to win by using the hashtag on Twitter. You could pick a winner at random or reward the Twitter user who receives the most likes and retweets while using your hashtag.

Don’t Forget the Geotag

A geotag is a simple function that allows Twitter users to post their locations in addition to the content that they’re posting. Send enough tweets in one location and your event might start trending. Geotagging a tweet is really easy. All you need to do is turn on the location function in your settings.

Each time you send a scheduled tweet during the event, make sure it has been properly geotagged. Another great way to boost the virality of your event is to also encourage attendees to use their locations when tweeting as well. The more that people use the location feature in addition to the hashtag, the more likely your event will begin to trend.

Get Everyone to Take Photos

There are a couple of great ways to get pictures onto your event’s Twitter stream. After all, marketers have found that 78% of social media posts during an event are attached to pictures. Obviously, you should encourage everyone to take pictures and tweet the photos using your hashtag, but there are a few other ways to get people involved with photo opportunities.For instance, you could have someone take pictures of attendees, which the photographer could send to the attendees through Twitter while using the hashtag.

Get Your Sponsors Involved

If you have sponsors for your event, why not ask them to tweet about your event? This will increase the overall hashtag usage. You can even ask your sponsors to host their own hashtag contests or offer them a discount in exchange for more tweets.

Get Your Speakers Involved

Guest speakers have more credibility and more online influence than the average event attendee. Get your speakers tweeting with your hashtag and a photo of their presentations or maybe even a video clip of them speaking to an audience.If your speakers have Q&A sessions planned, why not ask the attendees to submit their questions via Twitter using your hashtag?

The more ways that you find to implement your hashtag, the more likely your event will trend. And you definitely want your next event to trend on Twitter.