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Common Exhibition Stands Mistakes to Avoid

Trade Show

Visiting numerous exhibition stands in countless trade shows, we have seen business and new entrants to the world of corporate events make the following mistakes.

Cramped Space/ Empty Space

This is a common blunder that companies make. Both over and underestimation of the space requirements can be hurtful for a business. Regardless of the serious nature of the formal gatherings, there is an element of theatrics to the display. The amount of people at your exhibition stand gives an impression of the overall success of your business at the event. Too large a space ends up indicating poor attendance and consumer disinterest, while cramped space speaks of mismanagement.
When setting up the stall you need to ensure that you have the ideal space and the right positioning. Location of the exhibition booth is an important mistake that many businesses end up making. You don’t want your booth at the end of the exhibition where the customers have no interest in visiting.

Improper Stand Design

A poor stand design is a major exhibition stand mistakes that businesses end up making. You need to ensure that the stand design engages with the audience and attracts them to your booth. The stand design is also important in creating a first impression of the booth. It is the first thing that a visitor notices and is also one of the major reasons why they generate both sales and leads.
Focus on the creation of eye-catching stand design that catches the eye of the visitor and communicates with them on a personal level.

Too Much Information

Just like an overcrowded marketing message, displaying too much information on the screen can distract the user. This is another major exhibition stand mistakes, as businesses look for ways to tell everything to the visitor using a display.
You should use digital screens to attract customers to the booth. Keeping an inviting and attractive text on board can help you reach that objective.

Low-Quality Graphics

If ever there was a time for a business to shine and look to impress everyone around it is now. You need to bring your A game to these exhibitions and the of low-quality graphics will certainly not help your case.
Your visuals and graphics should be on point and should be both attractive and inviting. Look to use vibrant colours and striking images to your advantage. You can also use the help of interchangeable panels to exhibit the business in an inexpensive manner.

Poor Visitor Experience

This is the last thing you need. All your efforts and concerns can go to waste if the visitors leave the booth unimpressed. Your representatives should be well-trained and engaging, this will help you in converting the visitor to a customer. A poor visitor experience sends the visitors away with a rather forgettable image of the brand.

Parting Thoughts

We all know the significance of exhibition stands, avoiding these exhibition stand mistakes will help you allow you to invite a bigger and more engaging audience to your booth.