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Benefits of Portable Exhibition Displays

Feather flags, also known as teardrop banners or wind flags, offer an excellent way to attract attention in an outdoor event. Use these colorful, dynamic, inexpensive flying banners to display your company’s logo or convey a short, simple marketing message at concerts, trade shows or other outdoor gatherings. Because people can see teardrop flags from great distances, they can serve as a highly visible beacon that lures passersby to your exhibit.

A significant advantage of using outdoor teardrop banners and flags for outdoor advertising is that they use motion to generate additional attention. Unlike a static wall sign or banner, feather flags are whipped by the wind or even a gentle breeze. Try to recall how many times you have noticed a feather flag dancing in the wind outside a car dealership, retail store or supermarket grand opening.

*Teardrop Banners and flags Offer Maximum Placement Flexibility and Ease

A benefit of using teardrop flags at outdoor events is that you can place them just about anywhere. Set up your feather flag in a matter of minutes and put it in a high-traffic area at the venue to gain exposure to the maximum number of attendees. You can even move it around to different spots as the traffic flow changes over the course of the day or evening. Walking feather flag banners that attach to a backpack are also available and provide the additional benefit of mobility. A person wearing the backpack can easily navigate through the crowd and convey your unique marketing message.

* The Importance of Choosing High-Quality teardrop Flags

Banners and flags are exposed to rain, wind and brilliant sunshine. IN case you wish to get the best return on your investment, it is imperative to choose a feather flag manufacturer that uses high-quality materials that provide maximum durability and longevity and will not fade over time.